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Aspire / Aspire Components / Wait for Sub-Jobs Stage

Wait for Sub-Jobs Stage
Description: Causes the thread which is processing the job to suspend until all of the sub-jobs created from the job are complete. If the job is not a parent job and has no sub-jobs, then this stage does nothing.
Inputs: A parent job.
Outputs: Does not change the job. Merely causes execution of the job to pause.
Factory: aspire-tools
Sub Type: waitForSubJobs
Object Type: (any object)


Element Type Default Description
timeout int 600000
(10 minutes)
Maximum time to wait (in ms) for all subjobs to be complete.

Example Configurations


<component name="WaitForSubJobs" subType="waitForSubJobs" factoryName="aspire-tools"/>


<component name="WaitForSubJobs" subType="waitForSubJobs" factoryName="aspire-tools">