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Tabular Files Extractor
Description: Obtains a tabular file (a comma/tab separated file) from the content stream in the Aspire Document. Then it will convert this stream into an XML, using Metadata Mapper to map each column to an XML Element. It then will submit each row of the XML file as a separate subJob.
Inputs: Either object['contentStream'] (an InputStream which contains the file to be loaded) or object['contentBytes'] (an array of bytes which contains the file to be loaded). It also receives (optionally) the fetchUrl, url or fileName tags to name the subDocuments created.
Outputs: One subDocument for each row in the tabular file, submitted as a subjob. The original document will remain unchanged.
Factory: aspire-tabular-files
Sub Type: default
Object Type: AspireDocument


Element Type Default Description
separator string 'comma' (,) The character used to separate each column on the tabular file. It can be any character, 'comma'(,) or 'tab'(\t). Defaults to ','.
headersOnFirstRow boolean false Whether to use the first row data as column names or not. If false, columns will be named column1, column2, ..., in the metadata mapping.
metadataMap Map null field names to map each column. See Metadata Mapper for more info.
branches None The configuration of the pipeline to publish to. See below.

Branch Configuration

The Tabular SubJob Extractor publishes documents using the branch manager. It publishes using the events configured above. You must therefore include <branches> for these events in the configuration to publish to a pipeline within a pipeline manager. See Branch Handler for more details.

Element Type Description
branches/branch/@event String The event to configure. Should always be "onSubJob".
branches/branch/@pipelineManager string The URL of the pipeline manager to publish to. Can be relative.
branches/branch/@pipeline string The name of the pipeline to publish to.

Example Configuration

  <component name="TabularSubJobExtractor" subType="default" factoryName="aspire-tabular-files">
        <branch event="onSubJob" pipelineManager="." pipeline="subJobsPipeline" />

Example Configuration with No Headers on Input File

  <component name="TabularSubJobExtractor" subType="default" factoryName="aspire-tabular-files">
        <branch event="onSubJob" pipelineManager="subjobPipelineManager" />
        <map from="column0" to="term"/>
        <map from="column1" to="frequency"/>
        <map from="column2" to="type"/>
        <map from="column3" to="id"/>

Example Use Within A Pipeline

  <pipeline name="process-feedOne-test">
      <stage component="fetchUrl" />
      <stage component="TabularSubJobExtractor" />


In the following example suppose that there's a file called "file:test.txt" which contains the following:

first	second	third
data1	data2	data3

Further suppose that "file:test.txt" is read by the Fetch URL stage. Once executing the Tabular SubJob Extractor, each subJob will contain a row of the original document, which in this case, is only one row:

    <extension source="TabularSubJobExtractor">
       <field name="first">data1</field>
       <field name="second">data2</field>
       <field name="third">data3</field>