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Factory  aspire-tools
subType  router
Inputs  Configuration
Outputs  Routed Jobs

 (1.1 Release)  

This utility stage allows applications to configure routing on a job. Routing is specified by component configuration and is applied to every Job that is passed via this stage. The stage may be included anywhere in the pipeline and when the job reaches the end of the pipeline, it will be routed by the Pipeline Manager.

This stage applies routing using the setRouting() method of Job


Element Type Default Description
routeTable/route One or more routes (via multiple <route> tags) to be added to the job passed through the stage. Routes are configured using the atributes and elements below.
routeTable/route/@component String The name of the component to route the job to. Typically the path to a Pipeline Manager.
routeTable/route/@preference String PREFER_LOCAL The routing preference. One of LOCAL, PREFER_LOCAL, PREFER_REMOTE or REMOTE. See here for more details.
routeTable/route/properties/property One or more properties (via multiple <property> tags) for the route.
routeTable/route/properties/property/@name String The property name.
routeTable/route/properties/property/value String The property value.
routeTable/route/subRoute/route One or more sub-routes (routes for sub-jobs) to be applied to the job. This <route> tag has the same format as above, allowing for multiple levels of routing.

Example Configuration

  <component name="Router" subType="router" factoryName="aspire-tools">
      <route component="/BusinessRulesEngine">