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= Beware: FileNotFound exception =
= Beware: FileNotFound exception =

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Beware: FileNotFound exception

ERROR - 2015-04-28 15:43:06.586; com.searchtechnologies.qpl.solr.QPLSolrQParserPlugin; java.io.FileNotFoundException: /opt/solr/client-research/conf/script.qpl (Permission denied)

  • When running Solr with SolrCloud, configuration is managed by Zookeeper.
    • This means the core's ResourceLoader will be an instance of ZkSolrResourceLoader.
    • When QPLSolrQParserPlugin getScript() is called, if the resource loader is ZkSolrResourceLoader, then a special branch will be executed which gets the script from zookeeper and then writes the script to a file in the conf directory.
  • The script in the conf folder must have the correct permissions so that the user that is running the server can write to this file
    • for example, if you are running as tomcat:tomcat, the script file must be writable by tomcat, either by making the file owned by tomcat or setting group permissions
  • we could change the code to load the GroovyShell from the InputStream that Zookeeper can get