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{{Aspire 2.0 Premium}}
{{Aspire 2.0 Premium}}

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This Page is Locked - Content no longer maintained - See QPL for the latest information.
Feature only available with Aspire Premium

The QPLSearchComponent is a Solr SearchComponent that executes a specified QPL Script. Its config parameters are:

  • defaultField - Default Solr Field.
  • scriptFile - Name of the QPL file to be invoked.
  • isProcessScript - If true, QPL script runs in process() method. If false or not specified, script runs in prepare() method.

It can be added to solrconfig.xml as follows:

 <searchComponent name="qplSearchFirst" class="com.searchtechnologies.qpl.solr.QPLSearchComponent" >
   <str name="scriptFile">search.qpl</str>
   <str name="defaultField">text</str>
   <str name="isProcessScript">false</str> 

To add a QPLSearchComponent to a requestHandler in solrconfig.xml, use something like the following:

 <arr name="first-components">