Publish to File Application Bundle (Aspire 2)

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Publish to File Application Bundle (Aspire 2)
AppBundle Name  Publish To File
Maven Coordinates  com.searchtechnologies.aspire:app-publish-to-file
Versions  2.2.2
Type Flags  job-input
Inputs  AspireObject from a connector's subjob with metadata and content extracted from a specific file/folder.
Outputs  AspireObject XML representation sent to a job logger file.

The Publish to File application logs the last N jobs to a local file in a XML format.


Property Type Default Description
numJobs integer 5 The number of jobs to retain at the logger.
logFile string log/${}/ The name of the file to log to.

Configuration Example

  <application config="com.searchtechnologies.aspire:app-publish-to-sp2013">

Note: Any optional properties can be removed from the configuration to use the default value described on the table above.