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|appBundleName=Publish To Amazon CloudSearch
|appBundleName=Publish To Amazon CloudSearch

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Publish to Amazon CloudSearch Application Bundle (Aspire 2)
AppBundle Name  Publish To Amazon CloudSearch
Maven Coordinates  com.searchtechnologies.aspire:app-publish-to-cloudsearch
Versions  2.2.2
Type Flags  job-input
Inputs  AspireObject from a connector's subjob with metadata and content extracted from a specific file/folder.
Outputs  An XML transformation of the AspireObject sent to the Amazon CloudSearch doc endpoint.

The Publish to Amazon CloudSearch application sends document feeds to a CloudSearch doc endpoint of metadata and content of files extracted by Aspire connectors. The feed to the Amazon CloudSearch can be customized by editing the XSL transformation file provided by the user.

Application Configuration

Property Type Default Description
CloudSearchHostName string The CloudSearch doc endpoint or IP address. In other words, the host name where documents are submitted. Get this from your CloudSearch console. For example: doc-my-search-domain-odqxfqrjhpv6xd6ucv3mk3ky2m.us-east-1.cloudsearch.amazonaws.com
aspireToCSXsl string ${appbundle.home}/config/xsl/aspireToCloudSearch.xsl Location of the XSL to transform the job data to your CloudSearch search domain index fields. See Edit Xsl.
APIVersion (2.1 Release)   string 2011-02-01 API version you want to publish to. Could be 2011-02-01 or 2013-01-01.

Configuration Example

  <application config="com.searchtechnologies.aspire:app-publish-to-cloudsearch">

Note: Any optional properties can be removed from the configuration to use the default value described on the table above.

Edit Xsl

The default XSL transformation file can be found in File:AspireToCloudSearch.xsl.

To add additional fields from a connector, you can use the following XSL sample:

<xsl:if test="connectorSpecific/field[@name = 'fieldname']">
    <field name="cloudsearchfieldname"><xsl:value-of select="connectorSpecific/field[@name = 'fieldname']" /></field>