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Aspire / Aspire Components / Print To Error Stage

Print To Error Stage
Description: A debugging stage which prints the job plus the job's object data either to the error stream or to a file.
Inputs: The entire job
Outputs: The job is written either to system error, or to a file.
Factory: aspire-tools
Sub Type: printToError
Object Type: AspireDocument


Element Type Default Description
printContent boolean false If true, prints the object['contentBytes'] either to the error stream or to the output file. The object['contentBytes'] may be the location where raw file data is stored, if it is not being read via an input stream.
outputFileName String null Specifies the file name to which the job (and content bytes, if specified) will be written instead of the system error output.
outputOnDebugOnly boolean false If true, all output functionality is disabled unless debugging is turned on for this component. This allows the component to be configured in the pipeline, but "turned off" by default. The component can then be turned on by using the web interface to turn on debugging for this component.

Example Configuration


<component name="printToError" subType="printToError" factoryName="aspire-tools"/>


<component name="printToFile" subType="printToError" factoryName="aspire-tools">

Example Output


    <httpResponse code="200" source="FetchURLStage">OK</httpResponse>
    <protocol source="FetchURLStage/protocol">http</protocol>
    <host source="FetchURLStage/host"></host>
    <mimeType source="FetchURLStage/mimeType">text/html</mimeType>
    <encoding source="FetchURLStage/encoding">utf-8</encoding>
    <extension source="FetchURLStage">
        <field name="status">HTTP/1.1 200 OK</field>
        <field name="Date">Wed, 09 Dec 2009 23:52:25 GMT</field>
        <field name="Server">Microsoft-IIS/6.0</field>
        <field name="X-Powered-By">ASP.NET</field>
        <field name="X-AspNet-Version">2.0.50727</field>
        <field name="Set-Cookie">ASP.NET_SessionId=orgtug55fexqos2cyu3re155; path=/; HttpOnly</field>
        <field name="Cache-Control">private</field>
        <field name="Content-Type">text/html; charset=utf-8</field>
        <field name="Content-Length">9607</field>
    <title source="ExtractTextStage/title">Search Technologies: The independent enterprise search experts</title>
    <description source="ExtractTextStage/description">We advise companies on enterprise search product selection, and we provide efficient, cost effective implementation and integration services. Search Technologies are the expert in the search space</description>
    <language source="ExtractTextStage/language">en</language>
    <extension source="ExtractTextStage">
        <field name="Content-Language">en</field>
        <field name="Content-Encoding">ISO-8859-1</field>
        <field name="resourceName"></field>
    <content source="ExtractTextStage"><![CDATA[	Home

	About Us	Executive Team


    <domainName source="ExtractDomainImpl"></domainName>