Post FS4SP (Aspire 2)

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Post FS4SP (Aspire 2)
Factory Name  com.searchtechnologies.aspire:aspire-post-fs4sp
subType  default
Inputs  An AspireObject representation of the document as processed so far.
Outputs  A FAST document that is then posted to a FS4SP indexing system using the Content API.
Feature only available with Aspire Enterprise

The Post FS4SP Stage stage uses a properties mapping file to create a FAST Document mapping AspireObject properties with FS4SP Managed Properties that already exist on the search engine, the FAST Document is then sent to the content distributor service (default on port 13391 of the FS4SP installation) via the contentAPI.

The stage also allows to configure the FS4SP collection to send the documents to and supports job batching, see Branch Handler.


Element Type Default Description
fastServer String localhost:13391 Comma separated list of server:port for the FS4SP Content Distributors.
fastCollection String The name of the Fast collection the document should be indexed in to.
idPath String /doc/fetchUrl The location of the document id in the AspireObject (required for the FAST API).
actionPath String /doc/action The action to be performed (one of unknown, noChange, insert, update or delete).
fastTimeout int 600000
10 minutes
Fast API timeout in ms.
fastWaitForSecure boolean false Wait for a secured callback from Fast before allowing the job to complete.
fastWaitForIdx boolean false Wait for an indexed callback from Fast before allowing the job to complete.
maxBatchSize long 1000 The maximum number of documents to add to a batch before sending to Fast.
maxBatchTime long 900000
15 minutes
The maximum time to wait before sending documents in a batch to Fast if the document count has not reached the maxBatchSize.
debugFile String Debug file to write documents to before sending to Fast.
mappingFile string Location of the properties mapping file. See Properties Mapping File for more information.

Properties Mapping File

The properties mapping file specifies an association between AspireObject properties and FS4SP managed properties. The property type is also specified.

How to specify an Aspire property

Use AXPath to specify the location of the AspireObject property


List of available property types

  • string
  • integer
  • long
  • date
  • boolean
  • acl: string with user/group name. Will be encoded as base32 text.
  • byte: byte array

Input Example

  <property aspire="/doc/fetchUrl[.]" fast="fetchurl" type="string"/>
  <property aspire="/doc/displayUrl[.]" fast="displayurl" type="string"/>
  <property aspire="/doc/lastModified[.]" fast="lastmodifieddate" type="date"/>
  <property aspire="/doc/ancestorInformation/ancestors/ancestorId/@md5" fast="ancestorid" type="string"/>
  <property aspire="/doc/ancestorInformation/parentId/@md5" fast="parentid" type="string"/>
  <property aspire="/doc/ancestorInformation/itemId/@md5" fast="itemid" type="string"/>
  <property aspire="/doc/ancestorInformation/itemName[.]" fast="itemname" type="string"/>
  <property aspire="/doc/ancestorInformation/itemLevel[.]" fast="itemlevel" type="integer"/>
  <property aspire="/doc/ancestorInformation/itemType[.]" fast="itemtype" type="string"/>
  <property aspire="/doc/ancestorInformation/ancestorTypes[.]" fast="ancestortypes" type="string"/>
  <property aspire="/doc/ancestorInformation/ancestorsDisplay[.]" fast="ancestorsdisplay" type="string"/>
  <property aspire="/doc/connectorSpecific/@type" fast="sourcetype" type="string"/>
  <property aspire="/doc/connectorSource/displayName[.]" fast="displayname" type="string"/>
  <property aspire="/doc/title[.]" fast="title" type="string"/>
  <property aspire="/doc/content[.]" fast="data" type="string"/>
  <property aspire="/doc/docType[.]" fast="doctype" type="string"/>
  <property aspire="/doc/acls/acl[@entity='group' or @entity='user']/@name" fast="docacls" type="acl"/>