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Open Source Components

Aspire uses a number of open source components, as described in the chart below.

If you need a more recent version of a component for a particular reason, please let us know using email. We will contact you about that request and will work to fulfill it and re-release that component.

Please be aware there may be some components which are rarely used and updating would require updating of other modules currently in use. We balance the desire to have the latest version of these components with the desire to have as stable a system as possible. If you have a particular question or need about a component, please contact us with your

Name Version Description License Required for
Apache Felix 4.2.0 OSGi implementation Apache License 2.0 aspire-application
Jetty 6 6.1.19 Web server Apache License 2.0 aspire-application / Unit Testing
Apache Maven 3.0 Project management Apache License 2.0 aspire-application
Aether 1.7 Maven integration with Java Apache License 2.0 aspire-application
Apache Commons commons-jxpath: 1.3

commons-fileupload: 1.2.2
commons-cli: 1.1(heritrix),1.2
commons-httpclient: 3.1
commons-io: 1.4
commons-logging: 1.0.4 (heritrix), 1.1.1, 1.1(confluence)
commons-lang: 2.4(documentum), 2.6
commons-collections: 3.1
commons-codec: 1.3 (heritrix), 1.4
commons-math: 2.1,
commons-daemon: 1.0.10
httpclient: 4.2
httpcore: 4.2
commons-discovery: 0.2

Multiple utility APIs (FileUpload, JXPath, Compress, CLI, HTTPClient, Lang, Math, Collections, Logging, IO, Codec, Prunsrv) Apache License 2.0 aspire-application, aspire-core, aspire-arc-reader, aspire-filefeeder, aspire-heritrix-connector, aspire-documentum-connector, aspire-http-feeder, aspire-math, aspire-post-fast, aspire-post-fs4sp, aspire-job-errorhandler, aspire-rss-feeder, aspire-sharepoint-connector, aspire-confluence-connector
JSch 0.1.45 SSH implementation Custom (BSD based) aspire-dcm-enterprise
SAXON 9.3 XSLT processor Mozilla Public License aspire-application
Servlet API 2.5 Apache Tomcat Servlet implementation Apache License 2.0 aspire-admin-support, aspire-application, aspire-http-feeder
JUnit 3.8.1, 3.8.2, 4.0, 4.8.1, 4.8.2, 4.10 Testing framework Eclipse Public License 1.0 *Unit Testing
Groovy 2.0.4 Scripting language Apache License 2.0 aspire-application
Apache DS 1.5.5 LDAP implementation Apache License 2.0 aspire-apacheds
SLF4J 1.5.6 Logging façade for logging frameworks (dependency of Apache-DS) MIT aspire-apacheds
Heritrix 1.14.3, 3.1.1 Web crawler Apache License 2.0 aspire-arc-reader, aspire-heritrix-connector
Fast Util 5.0.5 (arc-reader), 5.0.7 Extension of Java collections Apache License 2.0 aspire-arc-reader, aspire-heritrix-connector
JCIFS 1.3.16 CIFS/SMB protocol implementation LGPL aspire-cifs-connector, aspire-sharepoint-connector
JMockit 0.997 API for advanced unit testing MIT *Used for Unit testing; not delivered
Plexus Utils 1.5.15 Provides utility classes Apache License 2.0 aspire-application
Apache Derby Relational database Apache License 2.0 aspire-derby
AspectJ 1.6.11 Extension for Aspect Oriented Programming (dependency of DFC API) Eclipse Public License 1.0 aspire-documentum-connector
Log4J 1.2.15 (post-fs4sp), 1.2.16 Logging framework Apache License 2.0 aspire-apacheds, aspire-documentum-connector, aspire-post-fs4sp
Google MinLog 1.2 Logging framework (Heritrix dependency) New BSD License aspire-heritrix-connector
DNSJava 2.0.3 DNS implementation (Heritrix dependency) BSD aspire-heritrix-connector
Berkley DB 4.1.6 Database implementation (Heritrix dependency) Oracle License aspire-heritrix-connector
Kryo 1.01 Graph serialization framework (Heritrix dependency) New BSD Licence aspire-heritrix-connector
Mg4j 1.0.1 Full text search engine (Heritrix dependency) LGPL aspire-heritrix-connector
Guava r08 Utilities API (Heritrix dependency) Apache License 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector
Libidn 0.6.5 International encode/decode support (Heritrix dependency) LGPL aspire-heritrix-connector
JNA 3.2.3 DLL access API (Heritrix dependency) LGPL aspire-heritrix-connector
JavaSWF SNAPSHOT-1 Toolkit for Macromedia Flash (Heritrix dependency) Custom (BSD based) aspire-heritrix-connector
Joda Time 1.6 Extension for Java date formats (Heritrix dependency) Apache License 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector
Spring-Framework 3.0.5.RELEASE Expression, core, context, asm and aop (Heritrix dependencies) Apache License 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector
iText(1.0.1 Release)   1.3 PDF Extractor (Heritrix dependencies) MPL-1.1 aspire-heritrix-connector
Active MQ 5.0.0 Messaging server Apache License 2.0 aspire-jmsfeeder
JMDNS 1.0 Multi-cast DNS implementation (Active MQ dependency) Apache License 2.0 aspire-jmsfeeder
Apache Geronimo 1.4-rc3 Application server (Active MQ dependency) Apache License 2.0 aspire-jmsfeeder
Apache Lucene 2.9.2 Search engine implementation Apache License 2.0 aspire-lucene
Rome 1.0.0 ATOM Parser Apache License 2.0 aspire-rssfeeder
Amazon AWS SDK 1.3.13 (amazonec2-dm), 1.3.27 Amazon web services API Apache License 2.0 aspire-s3-connector, aspire-amazonec2-dm
Quartz 2.1.1 Job scheduling service Apache License 2.0 aspire-scheduler
Metro Web Services 2.3-b10 JAX-WS implementation. CDDL v1.1 aspire-sharepoint-connector
Apache Tika 1.0 Document content and metadata extractor Apache License 2.0 aspire-extract-text
JDBM2 2.4 Embedded Key Value Java database. Apache License 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector (1.2, 1.3), aspire-hierarchy-extractor
MapDB 0.9.7 Concurrent Maps, Sets and Queues backed by disk storage or off-heap-memory. Apache License 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector (2.0)
Apache Zookeeper 3.4.3 Centralized service for maintaining configuration information, naming, providing distributed synchronization. Apache License 2.0 aspire-application, aspire-zk-dm
Saxon 9.3 Saxon XSLT and XQuery Processor Mozilla Public License 2.0 aspire-application
JLine2 2.11 Java library for handling console input BSD aspire-application
JAX-RPC 1.1, 1.4 JAX-RPC Java API for XML-based RPC CDDL v1.0 aspire-confluence-connector
JAXRPC-SPI 1.1.3_01 JAXRPC-SPI Java API for XML-based RPC CDDL v1.0 aspire-confluence-connector
JAXRPC-IMPL 1.1.3_01 JAXRPC-IMPL Java API for XML-based RPC Implementation CDDL v1.0 aspire-confluence-connector
SAAJ 1.3.19 SOAP with Attachments API for Java CDDL v1.1 aspire-confluence-connector
JavaMail 1.4 JavaMail CDDL v1.1
JerseyClient 1.5 RESTful Web Services in Java CDDL v1.1 aspore-confluence-connector
Axis 1.4 Apache Axis SOAP engine Apache License 2.0 aspire-confluence-connector
Axis JAXRPC 1.4 Apache Axis SOAP engine RPC Apache License 2.0 aspire-confluence-connector
Axis SAAJ 1.4 Apache Axis SOAP with Attachments API for Java Apache License 2.0 aspire-confluence-connector