Legacy Feeder Overview (Aspire 2)

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Legacy Feeder Overview (Aspire 2)
Factory Name  com.searchtechnologies.aspire:aspire-tools
subType  feederOverview
Inputs  N/A
Outputs  N/A.

The Feeder Overview component provides summary status and control of a number of feeders allowing the administrator to start and stop feeders with out having to change pages. Individual feeders are linked providing easy access to the full status if required.


Element Type Default Description
feeders/feeder/@label String N/A An optional label. NOTE: labels may appear without paths to allow titles to be presented in the output.
feeders/feeder String N/A Path to the feeder .

NOTE: As many feeders and labels as required may be configured

Example Configuration

 <component name="feederOverview" subType="feederOverview" factoryName="aspire-tools">
     <feeder label="Arc files"/>
     <feeder label="Domain">/processArcFiles/simpleDomainFeeder</feeder>
     <feeder label="Hotspot">/processArcFiles/hotSpotFeeder</feeder>
     <feeder label="Page feeders"/>
     <feeder label="Others"/>