LDAP Group Expansion (Aspire 2)

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LDAP Group Expansion (Aspire 2)
Factory Name  com.searchtechnologies.aspire:aspire-ldap
subType  default
Inputs  A Job containing a group expansion request
Outputs  A Job containing a group expansion result
Feature only available with Aspire Enterprise

The Aspire LDAP Group Expansion component provides external components with methods to allow them to bind, authenticate and search over a LDAP server. The component can also be used as a pipeline stage, adding group information for a given user from the LDAP server to the pipeline job.

This component supports the AspireLdap.java interface to allow other components to access LDAP services and handles all the communication with the customer's LDAP server using Java API.

If the LDAP server is Microsoft's Active directory, this component can be configured to use native code calls to perform group expansion. This option only works if the Aspire server is running a Windows operating system (32 or 64 bit). In certain cases, generic LDAP calls seem to fail after a certain period of time and native calls may prove to be more reliable.

This component is based on the Simple Group Expander


Element Type Default Description
server string   LDAP server host address. Example: ldap// NOTE: if you're using the native AD group expansion, the host address protocol must be in upper case - LDAP://
protocol string   LDAP server protocol.
contextFactory string com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory The java class to use as the context factory when connecting.
authentication string anonymous Authentication type used for any LDAP request. Options are 'none', 'simple' and 'DIGEST-MD5'.
user string N/A Username used to authenticate against the given LDAP server. If 'none' authentication type was selected, you can ignore this.
password string N/A Password used to authenticate against the given LDAP server. If 'none' authentication type was selected, you can ignore this.
searchBase string dc=search,dc=local Base for directory searches. Normally this is the domain of the LDAP server.
pageSize  (2.0.3 Release)   int 1000 The page size of the search query (max 1000)
nativeADExpansion boolean false For AD servers, invoke native code to perform group expansion. This may provide more reliable operation when expanding groups from AD servers. This option will be ignored if the Aspire server is not running a Windows operating system. NOTE: if you're using the native AD group expansion, the host address protocol must be in upper case - LDAP://
groupFilter string (&(objectClass=group)(member=%s)) The LDAP query to get the groups a user belongs to.
userFilter string (|(cn=%s)(samaccountname=%s)) The LDAP query filter used to find users when a distinguished name is not available. The default filter is for Active Directory.
referral string follow LDAP search referral type.
groupNameAttribute string cn The LDAP attribute that holds the group name to be returned.
lowerCase boolean false Tells if group names retrieved from LDAP should be changed to lower case.
readTimeout int 5000
Read timeout in ms.
connectTimeout int 5000
Connection timeout in ms.
connectionPool boolean true Indicates if a connection pool to the LDAP server should be used.
cacheTimeout long 30000 (30 min) Max time in milliseconds group expansion information is kept in the cache.
maxUserCacheSize int 2000 Max size of user cache. If this size is ever reached, a number of elements are dropped from the cache to make room for new users. The user cache stores {username, userDN} pairs only. No group information.
specialGroups XML List of group expansion special groups that need to be added to the LDAP group list (e.g. NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users).

Group Expansion

When used as a pipeline stage, this component receives a group expansion request via the AspireObject attached to a pipeline Job. The component extracts the username from the request and uses this to query the LDAP server using the query string given in the groupFilter configuration tag. Group names will be extracted from the attribute given in the groupNameAttribute configuration tag. These will then be added to the group expansion response, with the source marked as ldap.

LDAP Services to other Components

This component can provide other components with access to common LDAP functions. It achieves this by implementing the AspireLdap.java interface which provides methods to bind, lookUp, search and determine if an item hasEntry in the server.

Components wishing to access this functionality should main a service tracker to this component, get an instance an then call the appropriate method. See here for further details

Example Configurations

<component name="LdapGroupExpander" subType="groupExpander" factoryName="aspire-ldap">
  <searchBase>dc=contoso, dc=com</searchBase>
    <group>NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users</group>