IBM Connections Application Bundle (Aspire 2)

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IBM Connections Application Bundle (Aspire 2)
AppBundle Name  IBM Connections Connector
Maven Coordinates  com.searchtechnologies.aspire:app-ibmconnections-connector
Versions  2.2.1
Type Flags  scheduled
Inputs  AspireObject from a content source submitter holding all the information required for a crawl.
Outputs  An AspireObject containing the URL, content, ACLs and Metadata processed for each file.

The IBM Connections Connector performs full and incremental scans over a IBM Connections site and will extract security, metadata, and content from each object scanned. The connector allows you to select whether you wish all applications or only some of them (Activities, Blogs, Files, etc). Each scanned object will be tagged with one of three possible actions--add, update, or delete--and can be routed to any Aspire pipeline as desired.

The connector, once started, can be stopped, paused or resumed via the Scheduler Component. Typically the start job will contain all information required by the job to perform the scan. When pausing or stopping, the connector will wait until all the jobs it published have completed before updating the statistics and status of the connector.

Application Configuration

Property Type Default Description
IBM Connections working directory string ${}/snapshots The directory directory used to save the timestamp values, later required to performed an incremental crawl. If neccessary.

Source Configuration

Property Type Default Description
IBMServer string The Url of the IBM Connection server to crawl (you have to specify the protocol).
IBMUser string The Username to connect with.
IBMPassword string The password of the Username to connect with.
Page Size integer Specifies the number of entries per page to return in the crawl
useSSL boolean false true if the connector is going to use authentication to connect.
IBMSSLDir string Path of the certificate to the websphere trust store. If required.
IBMSSLPassword string Password of the certificate.
crawlAllApps boolean false All the default endpoints (applications: Activities, Blogs, Bookmarks, Communities, Files, Forums, Profiles, and Wikis) will be crawl.The user should select the applications that want to crawl. true The user will select which application wants to crawl.



 <originalContent type="text/html">this is a test of template </originalContent>
 <connectorSpecific type="ibm">
   <field name="link rel=via">http://ITSup1123-IBM4.stlab.local/activities/service/html/mainpage#activitypage,ff4bde88-4427-4416-ae22-2a0ff594689e</field>
   <field name="authors">
     <author name="wasadmin" id="ccb77397-2510-450a-9d7d-dd0dcc8fe0ff"/>
   <field name="title">template1</field>
   <field name="FIELD_TAG">templ</field>
   <field name="containerType">stand-alone</field>
   <field name="FIELD_IS_COMPLETE">0</field>
   <field name="FIELD_PRIORITY">1</field>
   <field name="FIELD_IS_TEMPLATE">true</field>
   <field name="ATOMAPISOURCE">http://ITSup1123-IBM4.stlab.local/activities/service/atom2/activity?activityUuid=ff4bde88-4427-4416-ae22-2a0ff594689e</field>
   <field name="published">2013-10-27T04:43:28Z</field>
 <snapshotUrl>001 http://ITSup1123-IBM4.stlab.local/activities/service/html/mainpage#activitypage,ff4bde88-4427-4416-ae22-2a0ff594689e</snapshotUrl>
   <acl name="wasadmin" fullname="wasadmin" scope="global" entity="special" domain="" access="allow"/>