Feed One Application Bundle

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Feed One Application Bundle
AppBundle Name  Feed One
Maven Coordinates  com.searchtechnologies.appbundles:app-feed-one
Versions  1.1
Type Flags 
Inputs  User input
Outputs  AspireObject

 (1.1 Release)  

This application allows the user to test other applications by providing a Feed One component. The Feed One component allows the user to submit a job to Aspire with a document containing a fetchUrl node with a user entered value.

The job will then be routed to other applications in accordance with the application configuration.

The Feed One component will be available via the debug console under /applicationName/Feeder

Application Configuration

Property Type Default Description
Job Routing Group One or more routes, describing where the jobs created in the application should be sent to. These are the processing applications that will process the data sent to this application for indexing. Consists of the two items below.
Pipeline String The document processing applications to route the jobs from the Feed One component to.
Preference String LOCAL The route preference. One of LOCAL, PREFER_LOCAL, PREFER_REMOTE or REMOTE.