Fast Listener Application Bundle

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Fast Listener Application Bundle
AppBundle Name  Fast CAPI Listener
Maven Coordinates  com.searchtechnologies.appbundles:app-fast-listener
Versions  1.0 onwards
Type Flags  N/A
Inputs  Fast Content API calls via HTTP
Outputs  Jobs containing the information sent from the FAST client routed to other components
Enterprise Add-On Feature

This application allows FAST Clients to submit content in to Aspire by pretending to be a FAST indexing server. The application uses the HTTP Feeder to provide a number of servlets that are used by calls made by the FAST Content API. Once received by these servlets, the client requests are turned in to Aspire jobs which are then sent to the FAST Content API Listener component which provides the appropriate response, or in the case of content submission, creates an Aspire job and submits to a pipeline for further processing.

If used in conjunction with the Publish to FAST (Content API) Application, the indexing and processing callbacks from FAST can be passed back to the client. Otherwise, callbacks are generated by the FAST Content API Listener.

This application does not require the Content Source Manager to be loaded and uses static routing for the jobs produced. Thus, the routing is set whilst adding this application to the system.

Application Configuration

Property Type Default Description
Content tag string The tag in the Aspire document that the Fast content should be written to. If specified, each Fast data item will be written as a child of this tag. If omitted, all content will be written as children of the root of the document
Use external callbacks boolean false Indicates whether callback information from other components, such as a Post to FAST component, should be used
Component dropdown (String) Configurable if Use external callbacks is set to true. If specified, the name of the component publishing to Fast. This allows the callbacks to be transfered from the publisher to this listener.
Job termination callback

 (1.2.1 Release)    (1.3 Release)  

dropdown (String) SUCCESS The type of callback that should be sent to the FAST client if an Aspire job is terminated during processing. Valid options are:
    • Send a successful callback
    • Send a Processing Error callback
  • DROP
    • Send a Document Dropped callback
    • use information in the job's document decide the callback that should be sent. See the FAST Content API Listener component for more details
Sub-systems group Defines FAST subsystems that should be reported back to the client. Adding none will cause the defaults to be used
Name string Defines the name of the FAST subsystem
ID string processing:0:1,indexing:1:1 The IDs returned to the Fast client
Success callbacks string The list of callbacks that should be reported to the client upon successful processing
Error callbacks string The list of callbacks that should be reported to the client upon failed processing
Job routing group The route to add to the jobs from the Fast listener
Multiples allowed
Pipeline pulldown (string) The pipeline to route to
Preference pulldown (string) PREFER_LOCAL The route preference. Options include: Local, Prefer local, Prefer remote, Remote

Multiples allowed