FTP Scanner (Aspire 2)

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FTP Scanner (Aspire 2)
Factory Name  com.searchtechnologies.aspire:aspire-ftp-scanner
subType  default
Inputs  AspireObject from a content source submitter holding all the information required for a crawl
Outputs  Jobs from the crawl

The FTP Scanner component performs full and incremental scans of content on an FTP server, maintaining a snapshot of the filesystem and comparing it with the current content to establish what content has been updated. Updated content is then submitted to the configured pipeline in AspireObjects attached to Jobs. As well as the URL of the changed item, the AspireObject will also contain metadata extracted from the repository. Updated content is split into three types - add, update and delete-. Each type of content is published as a different event so that it may be handled by different Aspire pipelines.

The scanner reacts to an incoming job. This job may instruct the scanner to start, stop, pause or resume. Typically the start job will contain all information required by the job to perform the crawl. However, the scanner can be configured with default values via application.xml file. When pausing or stopping, the scanner will wait until all the jobs it published have completed before completing itself.

NOTE: The FTP Scanner component was written during an Extreme Programming exercise at the company kick-off. We made it available as proof of concept connector. If you find bugs, or if doesn't do what you want, let us know and we'll try to fix it.


This section lists all configuration parameters available to configure the FTP Scanner component.

General Scanner Component Configuration

Basic Scanner Configuration

Element Type Default Description
snapshotDir String snapshots The directory for snapshot files.
numOfSnapshotBackups int 2 The number of snapshots to keep after processing.
waitForSubJobsTimeout long 600000
(=10 mins)
Scanner timeout while waiting for published jobs to complete.
maxOutstandingTimeStatistics long 1m The max about of time to wait before updating the statistics file. Whichever happens first between this property and maxOutstandingUpdatesStatistics will trigger an update to the statistics file.
maxOutstandingUpdatesStatistics long 1000 The max number of files to process before updating the statistics file. Whichever happens first between this property and maxOutstandingTimeStatistics will trigger an update to the statistics file.
usesDomain boolean true Indicates if the group expansion request will use a domain\user format (useful for connectors that does not support domain in the group expander).

Branch Handler Configuration

This component publishes to the onAdd, onDelete and onUpdate, so a branch must be configured for each of these three events.

Element Type Description
branches/branch/@event string The event to configure - onAdd, onDelete or onUpdate.
branches/branch/@pipelineManager string The name of the pipeline manager to publish to. Can be relative.
branches/branch/@pipeline string The name of the pipeline to publish to. If missing, publishes to the default pipeline for the pipeline manager.
branches/branch/@allowRemote boolean Indicates if this pipeline can be found on remote servers (see Distributed Processing for details).
branches/branch/@batching boolean Indicates if the jobs processed by this pipeline should be marked for batch processing (useful for publishers or other components that support batch processing).
branches/branch/@batchSize int The max size of the batches that the branch handler will created.
branches/branch/@batchTimeout long Time to wait before the batch is closed if the batchSize hasn't been reached.
branches/branch/@simultaneousBatches int The max number of simultanous batches that will be handled by the branch handler.

Configuration Example

  <component factoryName="aspire-ftp-scanner" name="Scanner" subType="scanner">
      <include pattern=".*"/>
      <exclude pattern=".*tmp$"/>
      <branch allowRemote="true" batchSize="50" batchTimeout="60000"
        batching="true" event="onAdd" pipeline="addUpdatePipeline"
        pipelineManager="../ProcessPipelineManager" simultaneousBatches="2"/>
      <branch allowRemote="true" batchSize="50" batchTimeout="60000"
        batching="true" event="onUpdate" pipeline="addUpdatePipeline"
        pipelineManager="../ProcessPipelineManager" simultaneousBatches="2"/>
      <branch allowRemote="true" batchSize="50" batchTimeout="60000"
        batching="true" event="onDelete" pipeline="deletePipeline"
        pipelineManager="../ProcessPipelineManager" simultaneousBatches="2"/>
      <branch allowRemote="true" event="onCrawlStart" pipeline="crawlStartEndPipeline"
      <branch allowRemote="true" event="onCrawlEnd" pipeline="crawlStartEndPipeline"

Source Configuration

Scanner Control Configuration

The following table describes the list of attributes that the AspireObject of the incoming scanner job requires to correctly execute and control the flow of a scan process.

Element Type Options Description
@action string start, stop, pause, resume, abort Control command to tell the scanner which operation to perform. Use start option to launch a new crawl.
@actionProperties string full, incremental When a start @action is received, it will tell the scanner to either run a full or an incremental crawl.
@normalizedCSName string Unique identifier name for the content source that will be crawled.
displayName string Display or friendly name for the content source that will be crawled.

Header Example

  <doc action="start" actionProperties="full" actionType="manual" crawlId="0" dbId="0" jobNumber="0" normalizedCSName="FeedOne_Connector"
   scheduleId="0" scheduler="##AspireSystemScheduler##" sourceName="ContentSourceName">

All configuration properties described in this section are relative to /doc/connectorSource of the AspireObject of the incoming Job.

Property Type Default Description
server string Server Name
port int The port on which the FTP server is running
url string The directory on the FTP server to crawl
username string The username to connect with.
password string The password of the username to connect with.
passive Boolean false Connect to the FTP server using passive mode
indexContainers boolean false true if folders (as well as files) should be indexed.
scanRecursively boolean false true if subfolders of the given URL should be scanned.
fileNamePatterns/include/@pattern regex none Optional. A regular expression pattern to evaluate file urls against; if the file name matches the pattern, the file is included by the scanner. Multiple include nodes can be added.
fileNamePatterns/include/@pattern regex none Optional. A regular expression pattern to evaluate file urls against; if the file name matches the pattern, the file is excluded by the scanner. Multiple exclude nodes can be added.

Scanner Configuration Example

  <doc action="start" actionProperties="full" actionType="manual" normalizedCSName="FTP_Connector" sourceName="FTP_Connector">

Example Output

  <snapshotUrl>005 /test/11/00/0/1.txt</snapshotUrl>
  <lastModified>Thu Jun 25 11:42:00 BST 2015</lastModified>
  <sourceName>FTP Connector</sourceName>
  <connectorSource type="ftp">
    <displayName>FTP Connector</displayName>
    <item id="E392FAB00D12B2340E5BE938C982ABBA" level="5" name="1.txt" url="/test/11/00/0/1.txt">
        <ancestor id="0891335A4083FCD65DD995A58E23EF39" level="4" name="0" parent="true" type="aspire/folder" url="/test/11/00/0"/>
        <ancestor id="46FFA5AD9FAD0068CE164E1B5D7917E1" level="3" name="00" type="aspire/folder" url="/test/11/00"/>
        <ancestor id="1C53A23263BBF5898E320F633910B6F6" level="2" name="11" type="aspire/folder" url="/test/11"/>
        <ancestor id="4539330648B80F94EF3BF911F6D77AC9" level="1" name="FTP Connector" type="aspire/folder" url="/test"/>
  <contentType source="ExtractTextStage/Content-Type">text/plain; charset=windows-1252</contentType>
  <extension source="ExtractTextStage">
    <field name="Content-Encoding">windows-1252</field>
    <field name="X-Parsed-By">org.apache.tika.parser.DefaultParser</field>
    <field name="resourceName">/test/11/00/0/1.txt</field>
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Passengers wait for a train in below-zero temperatures in Chicago, Illinois, on 7 January 2014 Passengers wait for a train in below-zero temperatures in Chicago, Illinois
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