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This Page is Locked - Content no longer maintained - See QPL for the latest information.
FAST Query Parser Application Bundle
AppBundle Name  FAST Query Parser
Maven Coordinates  com.searchtechnologies.appbundles:app-fast-query-parser
Versions  1.2
Type Flags  job-input
Inputs  AspireObject
Outputs  Job variable
Enterprise Add-On Feature

 (1.2 Release)  

This application contains a FAST Query Parser component which looks for a query string in FAST Query Language (FQL) and converts it to Search Technologies' Query Processing Language (QPL).

The FQL is taken from an element in the AspireObject and the resulting QPL is written to a job variable.

This application is normally used in conjunction with the Business Rules Engine and FAST Query Builder applications to allow business rule based modification of FQL queries.

Application Configuration

Property Type Default Description
FQL Path String /doc/query The path to the node in the AspireObject which contains the FQL query.
QPL Variable String qpl The Job variable in to which the resulting QPL will be placed.