FAST Query Parser (Aspire 2)

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FAST Query Parser (Aspire 2)
Factory Name  com.searchtechnologies.aspire:aspire-fast-qpl
subType  default
Inputs  An element in the AspireObject associated with the Job
Outputs  A Job variable
Enterprise Add-On Feature

The FAST query parser is designed to take a query in FQL from an Aspire document and parse it in to Search Technologies' query processing language (QPL - Introduction to QPL). The output of the parsing is to a Job variable.


Element Type Default Description
fqlPath String /doc/query The path to the element in the Aspire document that holds the FQL to parse.
jobVariable String qpl The name of the job variable that will be used to hold QPL output from the parser.

Example Configuration


 <component subType="default" name="QueryParser" factoryName="aspire-fast-qpl"/>


 <component subType="default" name="QueryParser" factoryName="aspire-fast-qpl">