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|appBundleName=FAST Query Listener
|appBundleName=FAST Query Listener

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FAST Query Listener Application Bundle (Aspire 2)
AppBundle Name  FAST Query Listener
Maven Coordinates  com.searchtechnologies.appbundles:app-fast-query-listener
Versions  2.2.2
Type Flags 
Inputs  Http requests
Outputs  AspireObject
Enterprise Add-On Feature

 (1.2 Release)  

This application utilises HTTP Feeders to accept queries meant for a FAST Search Server and places them in an AspireObject, routing the jobs as configured. Data returned is transformed using XSL to the format expected by a FAST query client.

This application will most likey be used in conjunction with the Query Executor Application Bundle to send queries on to the completion server after processing.


This application provides the following servlets (as provided by the Fast Query Completion server):

  • /cgi-bin
    • fulfils search requests
  • /get
    • fulfils service requests

Any url beginning with either path will be intercepted and processed via Aspire

Application Configuration

Property Type Default Description
Job Routing Group One or more routes, describing where the jobs created in the application should be sent to. These are the processing applications that will process the data sent to this application for processing. Consists of the two items below.
Pipeline String The document processing applications to route the jobs from the listener to.
Preference String LOCAL The route preference. One of LOCAL, PREFER_LOCAL, PREFER_REMOTE or REMOTE.
FAST QR server String The host & port of the FAST search server to use for service requests. Service requests (such as /get?qrserverlist and /get?view=xxx) to Aspire will be forwarded to this server
Reported QR Server String The host & port which service requests should report as the query server. Normally this is the host & port of this Aspire instance