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For Information on Aspire 3.1 Click Here

Useful MediaWiki Pages

  • Formatting
  • Links
  • Tables
  • Images
  • Templates
    • Creating a re-usable template with fill-in values to ensure consistent formatting across multiple pages. Used for the Aspire component headers, for example.
  • Magic Words
    • Useful special tokens to include in your wiki page - for example, to turn off the table of contents which occurs at the top (use __NOTOC__)

Page Navigation Hierarchy

To edit the hierarchy navigation, go to MediaWiki:Breadcrumbs and modify it.

Each line represents a category of documents. These are actual categories, as in [[Category:Top Level Page]]. All documents in the same wiki Category: will be automatically give the same hierarchy navigator at the top, with the current page name appended to the end.

Using categories this way is actually pretty convenient, and means that there's a lot less editing of MediaWiki:Breadcrumbs than there would be otherwise.

Each line has the category name followed by a @ and then the hierarchy. Every line should end with a > greater-than sign.

See http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:BreadCrumbs2 for more information about the extension used for this feature.

Adding a Breadcrumb Path to a Page

To add breadcrumbs to a set of related pages, follow these steps:

  1. Access and create a new category for the set.
  2. Create a page of the set, adding the following tag using the category name: [[Category:category name]]
  3. After saving the page, scroll down to the Categories section. The new category link is rendered in red text.
  4. Click on the new category link.
  5. Enter descriptive text, then save the page.

All pages tagged with the category will have the appropriate breadcrumb path appear at the top of the page.

Useful Templates


Creates a link to the latest javadoc fo the specified class in the com.searchtechnologies.aspire.services package. For example: Job
Note that there can be no space around the pipe symbol.


Creates a link to the latest javadoc fo the specified class in the com.searchtechnologies.aspire.framework package. For example: ComponentImpl
Note that there can be no space around the pipe symbol.


Holds the current recommended version of Aspire. Currently: 2.2.2


Holds the most prior version of Aspire. Currently: 2.2.1


Used to mark pages which are only available for Enterprise customers.

{{1.1 Release}}

Used to mark any paragraph or page which is only available in version 1.1. Should work for any Minor or Major release.


Used to mark pages which are under development, or which the software underneath is under development.

Including Images in Your Wiki Page

The easiest method for including images is to use the [[File:My File.png]] notation. There are three steps to this process:

  1. Include the [[File:My File.png]] tag in your wiki page.
  2. Save the wiki page.
  3. Your file will now be a red-underlined link. Click on the file name and you will be taken to a wiki page where you can upload your image file.

For more information, go to MediaWiki Image Help

Updating the Wiki for a New Release

Use the following procedure to update the wiki for a new release.

  1. Edit the appropriate "Category:X.X Release" page for the version which was just released.
    • Remove the {{Enterprise}} marker to indicate the the release is now available for Community users.
    • Indicate that the release is now available in X.X (not X.X-SNAPSHOT)
    • Add other release notes as appropriate
  2. Create a new "Template:X.Y Release" for the new release.
    • Copy it from the prior template version.
  3. Edit the "Category:X.Y Release" page for the new release.
    • Add the {{Enterprise}} marker to the page.
    • Indicate that the release is only available in a -SNAPSHOT version.
    • Add other release notes as appropriate.
  4. Update the Main Page, at the bottom, to include a link to the new [[:Category:X.X Release]] release notes page.
  5. Update the Template:CurrentVersion2.X and Template:PriorVersion2.X Templates as appropriate.
  6. Upload new distribution binaries for the new version.
    • Create a distribution with the latest Distribution Archetype. At this point it should have taken the correct value, since you updated the current version template.
      • Enter "YOUR-REGISTERED-PASSWORD" and "YOUR-REGISTERED-USERNAME" correspondingly when asked.
      • Enter anything else in the others.
    • Build the distribution
    • Rename target distribution to "aspire-distribution-X.X"
    • Create a ZIP file with the distribution binaries.
    • Upload to https://wiki.searchtechnologies.com/binaries/ (ask IT how to do that).

Editing the Side Bar

If you want to edit the sidebar, go to MediaWiki:Sidebar page and modify it. It should only be editable by administrators.

Every line represents a line in the side bar, with the page name and the display text separated by a pipe symbol.

Uploading Very Large Files

The web site which runs the wiki has a folder where we can store very large files for inclusion into the wiki. This can be simpler than uploading the files through the wiki itself (although that is available too).

Use the following steps to upload very large files to the wiki:

  1. Go to the Search Technologies SharePoint site:
  2. Get the ".rcf" file from Search Technologies IT for connecting to the ST VPN for Colorado (ST AIS Colo)
    • Click on it to install it into the SonicWall VPN and connect to our VPN
  3. Go to: \\\public_html\{folder}
    • This is a Microsoft Windows folder
  4. Upload files to the appropriate folder, and create sub-folders as appropriate.
  5. Reference the file in your wiki using:

Adding a Border around Code Snippets

A border can be added around text, such as snippets of code, by adding a space before each line of code, as so:

There is a space to the left of the T.

Another alternative is to enclose text in <pre> and </pre> tags, as so:

There is an opening pre tag above this sentence and a closing pre tag below it.

If enclosed text is not "closed" correctly, it can envelope succeeding text and cause it to be enclosed in the border as well.