Developing Components

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Introduction to Programming Components

An orientation to programming with Aspire for those approaching it for the first time and includes fundamental Java classes, Groovy scripting, setting up your environment, and “next steps”
Detailed information on the AspireObject class, including benefits, challenges, JSON and XML support, basic usage, naming conventions, and content and attribute support
Detailed information on the Job class, including uses, basic structure, creating jobs and sub-jobs, and terminating and routing jobs
Detailed information on the ComponentImpl class, including usage, fetching Aspire, accessing directories and files, naming conventions, and parsing configuration
An overview of the various programming utilities provided in the Aspire framework

Developer Environment Setup

Contains information regarding the recommended procedures for setting up your development environment

Creating a New Pipeline Stage - Using the aspire-stage-archetype

Contains information on creating a new pipeline stage using the Maven Archetype, including how to edit, build, change the source code, and use the new stage in an Aspire installation
Provides step-by-step instructions for adding a new component or pipeline stage to your Aspire distributions


Component Development Topics

The following is a library of additional component programming topics.

Main Topics:

Developer Environment Setup

Additional Topics: