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'''6/22/2015: New version 2.2 has been released and is available for [[Aspire Community (Aspire_2)|Community]], [[Aspire Enterprise (Aspire 2)|Enterprise]]''' and [[Aspire_For_Elasticsearch_Aspire_2|Aspire for Elasticsearch]]
'''6/22/2015: New version 2.2 has been released and is available for [[Aspire Community (Aspire_2)|Community]], [[Aspire Enterprise (Aspire 2)|Enterprise]]''' and [[Aspire_For_Elasticsearch_Aspire_2|Aspire for Elasticsearch]]
'''--- Notice ---'''
Aspire 3.0, the latest version of Aspire, has been recently released with a new associated wiki. Please click on the banner above for more information.

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This page maintains a list of all of the updates for version 2.2 of Aspire.

6/22/2015: New version 2.2 has been released and is available for Community, Enterprise and Aspire for Elasticsearch

--- Notice ---

Aspire 3.0, the latest version of Aspire, has been recently released with a new associated wiki. Please click on the banner above for more information.

New Features

  • Created Aspire for Elasticsearch distribution with expiration control.
  • Non-text document filtering - ability to recognize document types by extension to support an option to not fetch non-text based files during crawling.
  • Ability to crawl inside ZIP process archive files for connectors using snapshots. Available in File system, CIFS and Lotus Notes connectors.
  • Support for "Aspire Solutions"
    • Ability to load and configure Aspire Solutions via workflow
    • OCR solution based on Staging repository
    • Semantic Co-occurrence solution
  • Jive 8 is officially supported starting from version 2.2.
  • Fetch Hierarchy option in order to skip hierachy information.
  • Fetch Places' ACLs through Entitlements API method. (Jive Cloud Only)
  • Publish to SharePoint 2013
    • Limited the number of items processed by the AspireBDCService.
    • Added BDCs Information into the SharePoint Publisher configuration.
    • SharePoint Components built as SharePoint WSP.
    • CleanUp Timer Job is now part of the Aspire publisher component.

Bug Fixes

This release addresses the following issues:

Aspire Core

  • Hierarchical scan blocks publisher whilst recursively scanning .
  • Separation of batch and document errors in the statistics.
  • Issue of latest version of the DXF is loaded.
  • Default port used in the DCM.
  • Issue if version is not given for a components then Aspire didn't load the latest version.
  • Issue for the statistics zeroing on failover.
  • Issue when importing same content source more than once.
  • DXF multiple value is now saved properly on workflow.
  • Workflow applications cannot have the same name as connectors applications.
  • Issue when Aspire is running in failover mode.
  • Test scan cannot be executed when a second Aspire instance is running a crawl.
  • Auditing is now doing index dump if Solr is not the default collection.
  • Issue with Text Extractor when extracts PDF content.
  • Error encrypting passwords.
  • Failure message removed from startup.
  • DXF information is not deleted after reopening content source information.
  • InvalidVersionSpecificationException while including aspire-lucene.
  • Issue for clearing user in Group expansion cache.
  • Issues with Start/Stop/Resume/Pause buttons on Aspire Services.
  • Groovy compilation error reporting to have Close button issue.
  • Issue with Control Panel when using Content Source schedule options.
  • Issue with tagger component when a single line contains '-'.
  • Full and Incremental crawl buttons are now separated.
  • UI is not handling content source page error for custom connectors that do not exist.
  • Components are now closing log files on exit.
  • Issues running Aspire in offline mode.
  • Setting app.config.dir is now correct for non-content source applications.
  • Linear scanner is now closing the snapshot file.
  • Error "Cannot find schedule id for source (filesystem) - perhaps it has been deleted".
  • Group Expansion group clear error.
  • Fixed substitution of ${xml:} property inside AspireObject.
  • Tooltip for System Name is not more the same as a content source for Aspire Services.
  • Zooming on chrome that was causing text placement issues on the content sources tab.
  • Normalization of connectors DXF to have display consistency across connectors.


There are some connectors that have not been released for 2.2 yet; we are planning to release them sooner rather than later. Please check the wiki for more details.

Amazon S3

  • Added DXF waitForSubJobs option missing from the configuration.
  • Issues crawling non-existing folders.


  • Last access and refresh tokens are handled in another folder.
  • NPE with full crawls.
  • Incremental is now working (timestamp was the same for all impersonate users)
  • Issue when user is impersonating the admin user.
  • Crawl does not extract information if URL does not exist.
  • Group Expansion is getting the user as a group.
  • ACLs are being updated when user performs incremental crawl.
  • When imported two Box.com content sources with the same name not publishing correctly.
  • Updates logged as adds.


  • Exception with disable Text Extraction option.
  • NullPointerException with invalid credentials on Test Connection.
  • Incremental crawl with archive files is now working fine.
  • Sub directory to scan is now required for partial scans.


  • Deadlock found during Confluence crawl execution.
  • Error message was improved when plugin is not installed.
  • NullPointerException when giving invalid URL.

Custom connector

  • Custom connector now considers the version field.


  • Missing property on the connector's DXF.
  • NullPointerException when initializing the scanner.
  • Error when shutting down Aspire with a Documentum content source.


  • ACLs info is correct when crawl starts in folder, not root.
  • Connector is handling redirects properly.
  • NPE when reading headers.
  • eRoom containers are now shown as updated when a child item is modified.
  • Logs and the retries messages showing incorrectly.
  • ACLs not showing in Aspire object.
  • NPE when there is not valid certificate.

Feed One

  • New connector released for this version

File System

  • Issue with groovy pipelines and text extraction option disabled.
  • Extract Text Timeout field too small for large numbers.
  • Issue with the Sub Directory to Scan field.


  • Reducer scaling problem.


  • Issue with deletes not being detected during incremental crawls.
  • Issue with Crawl Scope filtering after the ACCEPT rules.
  • Pause/Stop crawl actions working properly now.
  • Connector is now taking into account the max hops.
  • Crawl accept patterns and Crawl reject patterns working properly.


  • Updated some tooltips on the connector.
  • Improved error message when user selects incorrect header type.

IBM Connections

  • Exception with addUpdate pipeline during full crawls.
  • UnknownHostException when trying to crawl an url with \ at the end.
  • NullPointerException during DetectNonTextDocuments stage.
  • ClassCastException.
  • Wiki's ACL are LDAP DNs instead of GUID.
  • Validation added on LdapSearchBase field.
  • Download LDAP users is not done anymore with Test Connection.
  • Duplicate repItemType "aspire/entry".
  • Bookmarks are now reported as deleted.
  • NullPointerException when running an incremental crawl.


  • Unnecessary adds/deletes reported during Incremental crawls.
  • Comments not being crawled during Incremental crawls.


  • Exception updating user/group database.
  • Non-Text Document Filtering was not working with files inside an archive file.
  • InterceptionGroupMap corrupted when crawl was stopped.
  • "Add Parent Info for Archives Files" option is now working.

RDB via Snapshot

  • Auditing tool is now working properly with the connector.
  • Bad setting and error are now notified on the UI instead of the console.
  • Misspelled word on the Discovery SQL tooltips.

RDB via Update Tables

  • Incremental is not executed if seq_id is wrong.
  • Added documentation about to specify {SLICES} tag on Full Crawl SQL field.


  • Chatter feeds are now available for crawling.
  • Session timeout is now handled correctly.
  • Exceptions being thrown during incremental crawls.
  • Deletes repeated for incremental crawls.
  • MapDB error when reloading content source.
  • New Opportunities being reported twice for incremental crawls.
  • sQueries.xml is not up to date with latest Salesforce fields.
  • Some exceptions when running consecutive incremental crawls.

SharePoint 2010

  • Updates on containers not triggering updates on children items.
  • Scan Recursively and Index Containers options were not working as expected.
  • Exclude pattern and Index Container not working as expected on Incremental Crawls.
  • Testing connection failing with an invalid URL.
  • Delete action not containing SourceName field.
  • Renaming files were not reported correctly.
  • Incremental crawl with errors after renaming library/list.
  • Deleting items on external lists are not handled on incremental crawls.

SharePoint 2013

  • Attachments not being crawled.
  • Updates on containers not triggering updates on children items.
  • Extension list option not working.
  • Specific site collection not working when specified.
  • Incremental crawl not picking up new items for a SP list.

SharePoint Online

  • Full crawl not working as expected.
  • Group Expansion and ACLS not extracting users from Office 365.
  • Extension list option not working.
  • Updates on containers not triggering updates on children items.
  • Metadata extraction not working as expected.

Staging Repository

  • Updated the code to use UTF-8 encoding when reading metadata.
  • Connector is not reading one more item than the ones originally crawled.


  • Deactivated users are not shown on Group Expansion.
  • Socialcast Groups are now extracted by GE.


  • Added index specific item types to TeamForge.
  • Incremental crawl with index containers false doesn't return any result.
  • Incremental crawl shows correct updates with folders.
  • ACL info was added without that option checked.



  • FolderPath and File Prefix are now required.

SharePoint 2013

  • Sequence number & timestamps for batches are incorrect when running parallel content sources.
  • Aspire not able to communicate with the deployed notification service when SharePoint web site is https.
  • Deletes not working when there are other kind of updates.
  • Fixed error when running Cleanup Timer Job.
  • AspireBDCService not skipping corrupt batch files.
  • Cleanup Job in SP-Publisher not working when using staging repository.
  • Full crawl in Aspire now triggers full crawl in SharePoint 2013.
  • Background thread log is lost when the publisher is reloaded.
  • Fixed Sequence number reset.
  • Improved error logging in all SP2013 publisher components.
  • NotificationService failing to deploy BDC Model.
  • Fixed issue if Intermediate Repository is too large.
  • Fixed exception when starting a crawl (UpdatedConcurrencyException)
  • Fixed NPE when XSL File Path was changed to an absolute path.
  • CleanUp Timer Job is now part of the Aspire publisher component.

Staging Repository

  • Misspelled word on tooltip.


Group Expansion Manager

  • Validation for lookup optional attribute.

LDAP Group Cache

  • Issue with pagination larger than 1000.
  • Not respecting required User and Password.

Known Issues

  • Audit file comparison fails with default transformation files because of ID field.
  • Issue loading minimum version of a component.
  • Issue when impersonating users in Box, and running a full crawl with Scan Recursively.
  • Issue with incremental crawls in Box, and crawling with co-admin users.
  • Issue keeping custom application in Big Data workflow section
  • Exclude patterns not working with incremental crawls in Box.
  • Eroom connector is not getting updates for notes in incremental crawls
  • IBM connector is not extracting text for the Files endpoint.
  • Chatter feed deletes are not being reported for incremental crawls on Salesforce connector.
  • Updates are being handled as Adds on Salesforce connector.
  • InterceptionGroupMap corrupted when crawl is stopped on connectors that handle Interception ACLs
  • NullPointerException and NotesException when the crawl is stopped on Lotus connector.
  • NullPointerException trying to get the ACLs on Jive connector. Hotfix addresses this issue. Please contact Support Team for information on how to install this hotfix.
  • Hierarchy on updates is not being generated correctly in SharePoint 2010.

External Technical Limitations

  • Changes in Box notes content are not considered for incremental crawls.
  • New items added to IBMConnections are reported as updated.
  • Changes made to the attachments of the item type Opportunity in Salesforce are not considered for incremental crawls.
  • Entitlements API is not supporting "User Overrides" on Jive connector. In this case, ACLs will not be retrieved.
  • Documents with exact same date (including milliseconds) will affect the statistics for Incremental Crawls on Jive connector.

Additional release notes

JAVA 7: As of March 18, 2015, we began using Java 7 to build Aspire. You should update your environment to use Java 7 to run Aspire for version 2.2