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For Information on Aspire 3.1 Click Here

This page maintains a list of all of the updates for version 2.2.2 of Aspire.

12/07/2015: New version 2.2.2 has been released and is available for Community and Enterprise customers.

New features


  • Added 'Use Creation Date Filter for Crawls' option in order to perform crawls based on the creation date of the documents and data. This can be used for Jive 8 or greater only.
  • Added 'Use Progressive Retries' option in order to manage how often the connector can retry a failed request.

Bug fixes



  • Unnecessary Adds/Deletes being reported when a normal incremental is executed.
  • ACLs for documents created into a private groups not being retrieved.
  • ExtendedAuthors not being included as ACLs.
  • Document hierarchy not getting updated during incremental crawls.
  • Fixed MaximumRetriesExceed exception when Security ACLs for places is checked.
  • Status Updates not getting the ACLs.
  • Fixed multiple public groups in Jive ACLs.
  • List of attachments not being contained in the attachmentsUrl field.
  • Include/exclude patterns not working for attachments.
  • Hierarchy for the last attached file on Jive documents not being specified.
  • Message error changed for bad credentials.
  • Fixed NPE when connection retries is equal to 0
  • Fixed NPE trying to get the ACLs on Jive connector

Not Updated

  • Amazon S3
  • Box
  • CIFS
  • Confluence
  • Documentum
  • eRoom
  • Feed One
  • File System
  • FTP
  • Heritrix
  • Homepage
  • Lotus Notes
  • RDB via Snapshot
  • RDB via Updates Table
  • RSS
  • Salesforce
  • SharePoint 2007/2010
  • SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint Online
  • Socialcast
  • Subversion
  • Staging Repository - File System
  • Teamforge


Not Updated

  • Semantic Co-ocurrence


Not Updated

  • Publisher to CDH-HDFS
  • Publisher to CloudSearch
  • Publisher to F4SP
  • Publisher to File
  • Publisher to GSA
  • Publisher to Solr
  • Publisher to ElasticSearch
  • Publisher to SharePoint 2013
  • Publish to Staging Repository


Not Updated

  • Azure Group Expander
  • Fast Content API
  • Fast Query Completion Listener
  • Fast Query Listener
  • Feed One
  • Group Expansion Manager
  • JMS Server
  • Ldap Cache
  • Ldap services
  • SharePoint 2013 CEWS listener

To Be Released

  • Jira (issues) Connector
  • RightNow Connector
  • IBM Connections

Known issues

External Technical Limitations


  • Jive API is returning incorrect announcements data when they are expired.

Open Source Components

Aspire 2.2.2 uses a number of open source components, as described in the chart below.

If you need a more recent version of a component for a particular reason, please let us know using email. We will contact you about that request and will work to fulfill it and re-release that component.

Please be aware there may be some components which are rarely used and updating would require updating of other modules currently in use. We balance the desire to have the latest version of these components with the desire to have as stable a system as possible. If you have a particular question or need about a component, please contact us with your

Name Version Description License Required for
SVN Kit 1.8.5 SVNKit is a pure Java toolkit - it implements all Subversion features and provides APIs to work with Subversion working copies, access and manipulate Subversion repositories - everything within your Java application. TMate Open Source License. aspire-subversion-scanner
JLine2 2.11 Java library for handling console input BSD aspire-application
Heritrix 3.1.1 Web crawler Apache License 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector
Axis 1.4 Apache Axis SOAP engine Apache License 2.0 aspire-confluence-connector, aspire-teamforge-scanner
Amazon AWS SDK 1.9.26 Amazon web services API Apache License 2.0 aspire-s3-connector, aspire-amazonec2-dm
Google Collections 1 Google Collections Apache License 2.0 aspire-elastic-bootloader, aspire-bootloader
Guava r08 Google Utilities API Apache License 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector, aspire-application
ADAL4J 0.0.3 Microsoft Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) for Java. Apache 2.0 licence aspire-azure-groupexpander
OAuth 4.5 OAuth 2.0 SDK with OpenID Connection extensions for developing client and server applications. Apache 2.0 licence aspire-azure-groupexpander
Rome 1.5.0 Is a set of RSS and Atom Utilities for Java that is open source. Apache 2.0 licence. aspire-rss-scanner
Apache Commons Codec 1.4 Apache Commons API (Codec) Apache 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector,aspire-post-fs4sp
Apache Commons FileUpload 1.2.2 Apache Commons API (FileUpload) Apache 2.0 AspireDistribution,aspire-core,aspire-http-feeder,app-sharepointonline-connector
Apache Commons IO 1.4 Apache Commons API (IO) Apache 2.0 aspire-subversion-scanner
JXPath 1.3 Apache Commons API (JXPath) Apache 2.0 aspire-core
Lang 2.4 Apache Commons API (Lang) Apache 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector,aspire-documentum-connector
Logging 1.1.1 Apache Commons API (Logging) Apache 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector,aspire-post-fast,aspire-confluence-connector,aspire-post-fs4sp,aspire-teamforge-scanner
Commons-Net 3.3 Apache Commons API (Commons-Net) Apache 2.0 aspire-ftp-scanner
Collections 3.1 Apache Commons API (Collections) Apache 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector
Discovery 0.2 Apache Commons API (Discovery) Apache 2.0 aspire-confluence-connector,aspire-teamforge-scanner
Compress 1.3 Apache Commons API (Compress) Apache 2.0 aspire-archive-formats,aspire-framework
Math 2.1 Apache Commons API (Math) Apache 2.0 aspire-math
Apache Http Components 3.1, 4.3.6 Apache HTTP Components Client Apache 2.0 aspire-post-fast,aspire-salesforce-scanner,aspire-post-fs4sp,aspire-azure-groupexpander,aspire-sharepoint-connector,aspire-confluence-connector,aspire-box-scanner,aspire-post-fileshare-sp2013,aspire-sharepoint-commons-scanner
JMDNS 1.0 Multi-cast DNS implementation (Active MQ dependency) Apache License 2.0 aspire-jmsfeeder
Joda Time 1.6 Extension for Java date formats (Heritrix dependency) Apache License 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector
Tess4J 1.5.0 A Java JNA wrapper for Tesseract OCR API. Apache 2.0 aspire-ocr
Active MQ All 5.9.0 Full Messaging server Library Apache License 2.0 aspire-jms
Active MQ Core 5.0.0 Messaging server Core Library Apache License 2.0 aspire-jmsfeeder
Apache Curator Framework 2.7.1 Is a high-level API that greatly simplifies using ZooKeeper. Apache 2.0 licence. aspire-application
Apache Derby Relational database Apache License 2.0 aspire-derby
Apache DS 1.5.5 LDAP implementation Apache License 2.0 aspire-apache-ds
Apache Felix ConfigAdmin 1.4.0 Apache Felix ConfigAdmin Apache License 2.0 AspireDistribution, aspire-ctb
Apache Felix Jetty 2.2.0 Apache Felix Jetty Apache License 2.0 AspireDistribution, aspire-ctb
Apache Felix Log 1.0.1 Apache Felix Log Apache License 2.0 AspireDistribution, aspire-ctb
Apache Felix Main 4.0.3 Apache Felix Main Apache License 2.0 AspireDistribution
Apache Felix MetaType 1.0.4 Apache Felix MetaType Apache License 2.0 AspireDistribution
Apache Felix Shell 1.4.3 Apache Felix Shell Apache License 2.0 AspireDistribution, aspire-ctb
Apache Felix Shell Remote 1.1.2 Apache Felix Shell Remote Apache License 2.0 AspireDistribution
Apache Felix Shell Tui 1.4.1 Apache Felix Shell Tui Apache License 2.0 AspireDistribution
Apache Felix Webconsole 4.0.0 Apache Felix Webconsole Apache License 2.0 AspireDistribution
Apache Felix Main 4.3.0 Apache Felix Main Apache License 2.0 AspireDistribution,aspire-application-loader,aspire-ctb
Apache Geronimo JSON 20090211_1 Apache Geronimo JSON Apache License 2.0 AspireDistribution
Apache Geronimo 1.4-rc3 Application server (Active MQ dependency) Apache License 2.0 aspire-jmsfeeder
Cloudera Hadoop Client 2.5.0-cdh5.2.3 Hadoop Client for Cloudera's distribution of Apache Hadoop (CDH) and related projects, shipped inside Cloudera Express. Apache License 2.0 aspire-hadoop-common, aspire-hadoop-emit, aspire-hadoop-hdfs, aspire-hadoop-job-launcher, aspire-hadoop-mapred, aspire-hadoop-subjob-extractor, aspire-hadoop-utilities, aspire-hadoop-wiki-dict-generator, aspire-post-hdfs, aspire-post-webhdfs
Apache Lucene 2.9.2 Search engine implementation Apache License 2.0 aspire-lucene
Wagon 1.0-beta-6 Maven Wagon is a transport abstraction that is used in Maven's artifact and repository handling code. Apache License 2.0 aspire-application
Maven Aether 3 Maven integration with Java Apache License 2.0 aspire-application
Sonatype Aether API 1.7 The application programming interface for the repository system. Apache License 2.0 aspire-application
Sonatype Aether Connector Wagon 1.7 A repository connector implementation based on Maven Wagon Apache License 2.0 aspire-application
Sonatype Aether Impl 1.7 An implementation of the repository system. Apache License 2.0 aspire-application
Sonatype Aether Util 1.7 A collection of utility classes to ease usage of the repository system. Apache License 2.0 aspire-application
Apache Tika 1.9 Document content and metadata extractor Apache License 2.0 aspire-extract-text
Groovy 2.1.3 Scripting language Apache License 2.0 aspire-application, aspire-services
Jackson 1.9.13 Is a suite of data-processing tools for Java Corporate CLA aspire-salesforce-scanner
Plexus Common Utilities 1.5.15 A collection of various utility classes to ease working with strings, files, command lines, XML and more. Apache License 2.0 aspire-application
Jansi 1.1 Jansi is a small java library that allows to use ANSI escape sequences to format console output. Apache License 2.0 aspire-application
MapDB 1.0.7 Concurrent Maps, Sets and Queues backed by disk storage or off-heap-memory. Apache License 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector,aspire-sharepoint-connector,aspire-documentum-connector,aspire-salesforce-scanner,aspire-box-scanner,aspire-cache,aspire-eroom-connector,aspire-simple-group-expander,aspire-jive-connector,aspire-sharepoint-commons-scanner,aspire-hadoop-hdfs,aspire-hierarchy-extractor
Quartz 2.1.1 Job scheduling service Apache License 2.0 aspire-application
[ 0.9.0-incubating MRUnit is a Java library that helps developers unit test Apache Hadoop map reduce jobs. Apache License 2.0 aspire-hadoop-wiki-dict-generator,aspire-hadoop-utilities,aspire-hadoop-semantic-co-occurrence,aspire-hadoop-mapred
Commons CLI 1.1 Apache Commons CLI provides a simple API for presenting, processing and validating a command line interface. Apache License 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector
Internet Archive Apache HTTP Components Client overlay 3.1 Internet Archive Overlay on top of the Apache HTTP Components Client Apache License 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector
Axis SAAJ 1.4 Apache Axis SOAP with Attachments API for Java Apache License 2.0 aspire-confluence-connector,aspire-sp2013-cews-listener,aspire-teamforge-scanner
Apache Zookeeper 3.4.3 Centralized service for maintaining configuration information, naming, providing distributed synchronization. Apache License 2.0 aspire-application
Spring-Framework 3.0.5.RELEASE Expression, core, context, asm and aop (Heritrix dependencies) Apache License 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector
JNA 3.2.3 DLL access API (Heritrix dependency) Apache License 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector
OSGI Core 4.2.0 OSGi Core Release 6, Interfaces and Classes for use in compiling bundles. Apache License 2.0 aspire-ctb
Enterprise JavaBeans 2.1 Oracle Enterprise JavaBeans Speficication CDDL v1.0 aspire-jmsfeeder
Saxon 9.3 Saxon XSLT and XQuery Processor Mozilla Public License 2.0 aspire-application
JSON In Java 20090211 JSON In Java Specification The JSON License aspire-heritrix-connector
Jedis 2.6.2 Is a blazingly small and sane Redis java client. Copyright (c) 2011 Jonathan Leibiusky aspire-redis-connection, aspire-redis-token-filter, aspire-redis-tools
SLF4J 1.5.6 Logging façade for logging frameworks (dependency of Apache-DS) MIT aspire-apache-ds
JCIFS 1.3.17, 1.3.16 CIFS/SMB protocol implementation LGPL aspire-heritrix-connector, aspire-cifs-connector, aspire-sharepoint-connector, aspire-post-fileshare-sp2013, aspire-sharepoint-commons-scanner
Fast Util 5.0.7 Extension of Java collections Apache License 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector
Mg4j 1.0.1 Full text search engine (Heritrix dependency) LGPL aspire-heritrix-connector
Libidn 0.6.5 International encode/decode support (Heritrix dependency) LGPL aspire-heritrix-connector
Aspectjrt 1.6.11 The runtime needed to execute a program using AspectJ Eclipse Public License - v 1.0 aspire-documentum-connector
Eclipse Javax WSDL 1.5.1 Eclipse WSDL Library Eclipse Public License - v 1.0 aspire-post-fileshare-sp2013
Eclipse JDT 3.3.0-v_771 Eclipse Java Development Tools Core Eclipse Public License - v 1.0 aspire-subversion-scanner
SAAJ 1.3.19 SOAP with Attachments API for Java CDDL v1.1 and GPL v2 aspire-confluence-connector
JSch 0.1.45 SSH implementation Custom (BSD based) aspire-dcm-enterprise
JavaMail 1.4 JavaMail CDDL v1.1 and GPL v2 with Classpath Exception aspire-confluence-connector,aspire-teamforge-scanner
JAX-WS implementation 2.2.8 JAX-WS Java API for Web Services CDDL v1.1 and GPL v2 aspire-sharepoint-connector, aspire-sharepoint-commons-scanner
JerseyClient 1.5 RESTful Web Services in Java CDDL v1.1 and GPL v2 aspore-confluence-connector
JAX-RPC 1.1 JAX-RPC Java API for XML-based RPC CDDL v1.0 aspire-heritrix-connector,aspire-confluence-connector,aspire-sp2013-cews-listener,aspire-teamforge-scanner
Google MinLog 1.2 Logging framework (Heritrix dependency) New BSD License aspire-heritrix-connector
iText 1.3 PDF Extractor (Heritrix dependencies) MPL-1.1 aspire-heritrix-connector
Kryo 1.01 Graph serialization framework (Heritrix dependency) New BSD Licence aspire-heritrix-connector
Berkley DB 4.1.6 Database implementation (Heritrix dependency) Oracle License (Sleepy Cat) aspire-heritrix-connector
JAXRPC-SPI 1.1.3_01 JAXRPC-SPI Java API for XML-based RPC CDDL v1.0 aspire-confluence-connector, aspire-teamforge-scanner
JAXRPC-IMPL 1.1.3_01 JAXRPC-IMPL Java API for XML-based RPC Implementation CDDL v1.0 aspire-confluence-connector, aspire-teamforge-scanner
JUnit 3.8.1, 3.8.2, 4.0, 4.8.1, 4.8.2, 4.10 Testing framework Eclipse Public License 1.0 *Unit Testing
Log4J 1.2.15 Logging framework Apache License 2.0 aspire-documentum-connector, aspire-post-fs4sp
DNSJava 2.0.3 DNS implementation (Heritrix dependency) BSD aspire-heritrix-connector
Axis JAXRPC 1.4 Apache Axis SOAP engine RPC Apache License 2.0 aspire-heritrix-connector, aspire-confluence-connector
Bootstrap 2.3.2 Bootstrap front-end framework Apache License 2.0 aspire-application (UI)
DataTable 1.9.4 Plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library GPL v2 or BSD aspire-application (UI)
jQuery Ajax File Uploader Plug-in for jQuery file upload MIT License aspire-application (UI)
jQuery JavaScript Library 1.8.3 jQuery JavaScript library MIT License aspire-application (UI)
CodeMirror 3.14 Text editor implemented in JavaScript for the browser MIT License aspire-application (UI)
jQuery Cookie Plugin 1.3.1 jQuery plugin for reading, writing and deleting cookies MIT License aspire-application (UI)
JSON 3.2.5 JSON implementation MIT License aspire-application (UI)
jsTree 1.0-rc3 jQuery plugin, that provides interactive trees. MIT License aspire-application (UI)
mCustomScrollbar 2.8.3 jQuery custom content scroller GPLv3 or LGPLv3 or Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License aspire-application (UI)
Timeago 1.3.0 jQuery plugin for timestamps and time ranges MIT License aspire-application (UI)
Hadoop Minicluster 2.5.0-cdh5.2.3, 2.3.0-mr1-cdh5.1.0 Simply start and stop a single-node Hadoop cluster with a single command, and without the need to set any environment variables or manage configuration files. Apache 2.0 licence aspire-hadoop-hdfs, aspire-post-hdfs, aspire-post-webhdfs
Apache Abdera 1.1.3 Build a functionally-complete, high-performance implementation of the IETF Atom Syndication Format (RFC 4287) and Atom Publishing Protocol (RFC 5023) specifications. Apache 2.0 licence aspire-ibmconnections-scanner
Xalan-Java 2.7.1 Is an XSLT processor for transforming XML documents into HTML, text, or other XML document types. Apache 2.0 licence aspire-ibmconnections-scanner, aspire-rightnow-scanner
Mongo Java Driver 3.0.2 Providing both synchronous and asynchronous interaction with MongoDB. Creative Commons. aspire-mongodb-scanner
Axis2 1.6.2 Is a Web Services / SOAP / WSDL engine. Apache 2.0 licence. aspire-rightnow-scanner
WSS4J - Web Services Security for Java 1.6.2 Java implementation of the primary security standards for Web Service. Apache 2.0 licence. aspire-rightnow-scanner
Axiom 1.2.13 Provides an XML Infoset compliant object model implementation which supports on-demand building of the object tree. Apache 2.0 licence. aspire-rightnow-scanner
Xerces 2.9.0 For parsing, validating and manipulating XML documents. Apache 2.0 licence. aspire-rightnow-scanner
Woden 1.0M8 Is an incubation subproject of the Apache Web Services Project to develop a Java class library for reading, manipulating, creating and writing WSDL documents. Apache 2.0 licence. aspire-rightnow-scanner Web Services Connector (WSC) 32.1.1 Is a code-generation tool and runtime library for use with Web services. aspire-salesforce-scanner

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