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For Information on Aspire 3.1 Click Here

This page maintains a list of all of the updates for version 2.1 of Aspire.

01/14/2015: New version 2.1 has been released and is available for Community and Enterprise Customers.

New Features

Bug Fixes

Aspire Core

  • Fix for Aspire loading the same application twice.
  • Fix for the import content sources functionality.
  • Fix for invalid validations in templates for certain workflow rules.
  • Fix for a missing parenthesis in Field-Default rule.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Convert to lower case property" in the group expansion configuration.
  • Encrypt password batch file now working properly.
  • Fix for the Field-Equals workflow rule being undefined.
  • Fix for the Field-Equals workflow rule failing if a field doesn't exist.
  • Fix for the test connection leaving the content source in running state.
  • Fix for preventing workflow applications being loaded twice.
  • Content sources marked as errored when the Aspire instance fails.
  • Sharing folders in the workflow now shares all the folder content.
  • Fixed a NPE preventing the content source from being unblocked by zookeeper.
  • Failed custom applications are now removed from the server.
  • Added missing validations for Log workflow rule.
  • Added missing validations for subdirectory field in the FileSystem connector.
  • Fix for drag and drop feature when deleting a rule.
  • Fix for "Filter-by-name" when extracting file names with backslashes as separators.
  • Fix for Zookeeper status returning a NPE.
  • Added a link to the "About Aspire" section.
  • Fixed a NPE when trying to show historical information with no data.
  • Fix for several workflow rules not working as expected.
  • Shared libraries are now replicating when in Failover mode.
  • Changed validation for Condition rule in the workflow.
  • Filters now working with Services.
  • Added missing validations to the services.
  • Added missing validation to the Scheduler section.
  • Removed Group Expansion manager configuration from the settings.xml file.
  • General improvements on error handling.
  • Minor UI changes.
  • Minor bug fixes.


There are some connectors that have not been released for 2.1 yet; we are planning to release them sooner rather than later. Please check the wiki for more details.

SharePoint 2013

  • Fix for several incremental crawl issues.
  • Fix for include and exclude patterns that were not working.
  • Add Site Collection feature now working with white spaces.
  • Added some missing DXF properties for the connector.

SharePoint 2010

  • Fix for the SP group expansion not returning the user groups.
  • Fixed missing lists with full crawl when Crawl Attachments option is selected.
  • Fix for a NPE when running incremental crawls after an update.
  • Excluded items now showing in the audit log.
  • Test and skip items for test scan now working properly.
  • Added missing tooltips.


  • Fix for some incremental crawl issues reporting extra updates and deletes.
  • Include and exclude patterns no longer applied to root item.


  • Fixed issue when loading HomePage connector.
  • Include and exclude patterns no longer applied to root item.
  • Change in the tooltips to include more descriptive instructions.
  • Relocated some DXF properties in the connector.

IBM Connections

  • Fix for the timestamp not encoding a + symbol.
  • Added missing validations to some fields.
  • Improved error handling when using incorrect configuration.


  • Fixed an issue for incremental crawls reporting extra updates and deletes.
  • Improved error handling when URL contains invalid characters.
  • Improved tooltip for some fields.


  • Social groups security is now implemented in Jive connector.
  • Fixed a problem when setting up an environment variable.


  • Fix for the connector not reporting NOCHANGE actions to the auditing tool.
  • Improved error handling for incorrect configurations.
  • Fix for the connector not reporting adds or deletes with certain configurations on incremental crawl.
  • Added missing validation for scanner batch size.


  • Fixed a compatibility issue with CIFS and SP publisher running together.
  • Fix for the test crawl considering containers when it shouldn't.
  • Added missing validations for test crawls.
  • Removed validation for empty domains to support local machine user accounts.

Known Issues

  • Backslash character is being escaped on the FieldMapper
  • Test scan can be executed when other Aspire instance is running a crawl in Failover mode.
  • Missing validation for the AES password field in staging repository connector and publisher.
  • Issue with Confluence connector retrieving the first comment word concatenated with the page title, for all comments.
  • Missing several DXF validations for the services.
  • eRoom connector not indexing poll questions and comments.
  • UI blinking when using the workflow shared rules.
  • Aspire instances on Failover mode are syncing without considering security.
  • Issue with services not being paused or aborted.
  • Unable to clone certain services.
  • SharePoint 2010 not honoring the scan recursively option on incremental.
  • Heritrix connector statistics don't always match the actual number of documents.
  • Empty spaces are making the include/exclude patterns not to work with SharePoint 2013 connector.
  • Custom services can't be added at the moment.

External Technical Limitations

  • Eroom container not shown as updated when a child item is modified.
  • SSL information is not being updated for any connector until Aspire is restarted.

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