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For Information on Aspire 3.1 Click Here

This page maintains a list of all of the updates for version 2.0 of Aspire. Released February 2014.

Aspire Application

New Features

  • New and improved GUI administration user interface centered on content source creation and management.
  • Content source configuration failover using Zookeeper.
  • New content processing graphical user interface, called Workflow
    • Supports more flexible definition and maintenance of content processing logic within a content source.
  • Content sources have now only one connector installed.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Aspire Shell hangs when the Aspire server is up and running and the default aspireShellDefault.xml is the default one with no components.
  • Fixed group expansion not working with custom name application.

Other minor bug fixes All bug fixes from Aspire 1.3.

Known Issues

  • FULL HEAD Error: When the configuration of the Content source, including the length of the Workflow configuration, is too long, an error of full head is given and it is not possible to save the content source


  • Integration with Hadoop for content processing within big data environments.

Maven Default Group ID

  • The Maven groupId of all components and app-bundles is now com.searchtechnologies.aspire (previously com.searchtechnologies for components and com.searchtechnologies.appbundles for app-bundles). The default groupId for components and app-bundles loaded by the application is now also com.searchtechnologies.aspire to cater for this change.

New Components

  • aspire-post-file: Works like post-http but writes its results to a file.

Other Improvements

  • aspire-ctb: Component Test Bench (aspire-ctb) now clears system properties it sets on shutdown().
  • aspire-groovy: Groovy transformers now allow setParam() for transformToWriter(AspireObject,Writer) (parameters become groovy variables - previously they were ignored)
  • aspire-post-http: Add setParam() option to the transformer wrappers. Make transformer wrappers callable from external components. Add omit XML declaration option to XML transformer wrapper.