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This page maintains a list of all of the updates for version 2.0.2 of Aspire.

07/15/2014: New version 2.0.2 has been released and is available for Community and Enterprise Customers.

Additional release notes

  • Removed the parameters from the Advanced Properties in the S3 connector; now grabbing credentials for the FetchURL and ExtractText from the incoming job.
  • Fixed a problem with full crawls using RDB connector.
  • Fixed a problem with shared applications not being found in the workflow.
  • Fix for eRoom connector regarding a NPE when generating hierarchical ACLs.
  • Fix for multi values properties in the DXF not being saved correctly.
  • Bundles are not reloaded anymore if there are validation errors.
  • Document errors have been formatted and include stack trace.
  • Fix for eRoom connector to include Notes updates in incremental crawls, as well as renamed files.
  • Fixed a problem when crawling Confluence 3.5.x
  • Content source start job not sending outdated info after updating it.
  • Fix for extra escaping single quotes in AspireObject JSON
  • Sharepoint connector now extracting text when crawling attachments is enabled.
  • Fix for the Failover not restarting a crawl.
  • Confluence Group expander now returns intersection ACLs.
  • Crawl accept and reject patterns now working properly in Heritrix connector.
  • Fix for Aspire shell not parsing “\n” correctly.
  • Fix for an internal error when loading custom applications.
  • Added option to reload a deleted application in the workflow.
  • Fix for a crawl not restarting after a timeout is raised.
  • Updated fast-listener and post-fast to use standard actions.
  • Fixed a NPE when loading Aspire.
  • Fix for incremental crawls with Socialcast connector returning more items than it should.
  • Fixed a problem with Jive connector crawls being reset by a scheduled crawl.
  • Fix for the RDB connector not performing a full crawl after it has been stopped.
  • Update for the Sharepoint 2010 connector, now allowing to crawl only sites and lists.
  • Include and exclude patterns now working properly in eRoom connector.
  • Fix for the RDB connector not changing the column’s name when using alias.
  • Fixed an issue happening when current crawls fail after an attempt to start a scheduled crawl.
  • Fix for Sharepoint incremental crawls failing when crawling from a list.
  • Fix for Sharepoint and S3 connectors incremental crawls not showing renamed files.
  • Fix for weird scrollbars behavior in IE11.
  • Fixed a problem with FAST publisher hanging the content source.
  • Changes made to the Group Expansion manager to include special groups to LDAP cache.
  • Fixed a problem with the RDB connector showing statistics errors twice.
  • Added a validation for the GSA publisher to check if the date exists before formatting.
  • Now resetting the error count when clearing the errors document.
  • Fix a problem with Sharepoint 2010 connector not allowing explicit ports in the URL.
  • RDB Snapshot connector properties have been relocated to be standard with RDB Table.
  • Heritrix connector now using a custom version of Heritrix that allows to resolve URL using DNS.
  • Added option for the CloudSearch publisher to support 2013-01-01 API version.
  • Fixed a problem with Zookeeper crashing when trying to reconnect.
  • Added new options to discover site collections, crawl specific site collections, and add request properties in Sharepoint 2010.
  • Added option to the Group Expansion to use default normalization or not.
  • Added new functionality to show all publishers but enable only the ones entitled to the user.
  • Improved error messages for when pipeline stage is null.
  • Included a sample of a component/provided dependency to the Stage archetype.
  • Several UI improvements.
  • Jive plugin to retrieve the Security Groups ACLs from Jive 6 & 7 is now working properly and has been released.
  • Jive connector was successfully released for Aspire 2.0.2 on 7/23. The Jive supported versions are and

Known issues

  • Hierarchical Scanner Recovery method not working correctly when index folders is false
  • Connectors are not setting the source name when running a test crawl.
  • UI workflow allows updates before refresh is complete for large plans.
  • Snapshot files are encoded in ANSI instead of UTF8
  • Infinite errors displayed in the console when deleting the workflow.xml file.
  • Delete option fails for cloned content sources.
  • Internal server error when saving a content source being edited in a second tab.
  • Invalid redirect URI exception for Sharepoint 2010 connector when the URL contains spaces.
  • Aspire user session timeout makes the workflow to freeze.
  • Sharepoint 2013 malformed URL exception for SMB protocol.
  • Jive announcements seem to be deleted and added in the same incremental crawl.
  • Security Groups ACLs for Jive Documents are not showing unless "Fetch Document Level ACLs" option is checked.

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