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For Information on Aspire 3.1 Click Here

This page maintains a list of all of the updates for version 2.0.1 of Aspire.

05/07/2014: New version 2.0.1 has been released and is available for Community and Enterprise Customers.

Additional release notes

  • Fixed memory issues with Groovy Pipelines.
  • Fix for incomplete crawls with Sharepoint connector.
  • Fix for SOAP exception crashes with Sharepoint connector.
  • Fixed issue with Zookeeper incorrectly deleting the content sources.
  • Fixed encoding problem with workflow and Zookeeper.
  • Fix for failed applications being duplicated in the debug console.
  • Fixed issue when sharing folders in the workflow.
  • Resolved the issue preventing to start a crawl after a job timeout.
  • Fixed error when creating custom rules with very long groovy scripts.
  • Fix for high CPU usage when Aspire is idle in Linux.
  • Batches are now handled properly for jobs created too fast for the Sharepoint publisher.
  • Loading properties now working with offline distributions.
  • Updates to library rules now being reflected when the workflow reloads.
  • Fixed the broken image on application 404 error.
  • Second “start” call now removed when a crawl is running.
  • Connectors now finish correctly when subjobs time out.
  • New shared libraries are now being loaded in remote Aspire servers.
  • UI now uses POST rather than GET to send workflow data.
  • Fixed issue making it impossible to assign a default value for Condition rules in the worklow.
  • Raise exception rule is no longer causing a malformed workflow.
  • Added the option to use RFC-822 format in lastModified date for GSA publisher.
  • Added the & character to the list of invalid characters for the CS name.
  • Fixed the URL regex to match a valid JDBC URL.
  • is no longer copying both the old and new passwords into the settings file.
  • Fixed a problem with extra “/” in the URL in the debug UI on IE.
  • Fixed an issue with missing rules raising an exception when being deleted.
  • Fixed issue with the custom rules not being disabled in the workflow.
  • Upgraded the memory parameters for the distribution archetype.
  • Fixed the log filtering not working for WARN messages.
  • Conditions can now be disabled in the workflow.
  • Fixed the RDB Scanner to use returned job to establish if a full crawl is in progress.
  • FAST publisher is no longer causing the content sources to hang.
  • Clearer error message when loading an nonexistent app bundle.
  • Create master password script now working.
  • Single quote added as invalid character for shared library names.
  • Fixed error when clicking the delete button with nothing selected in the workflow.
  • Fixed error displayed when double-clicking on an empty space in the workflow.
  • Index Containers no longer checked by default in eRoom.
  • Fixed the exception with the group expansion manager and ldap user name attribute values.
  • Fixed error if an invalid XSL file path is saved for the Sharepoint publisher.
  • Fixed FULL HEAD Error when the content source configuration was too long.
  • Copyright now displaying the current year.

Known issues

  • Amazon S3 connector removed from 2.0.1 due to some errors during the extract-text stage.
  • Issues performing full crawls with RDB connector on big databases.
  • DXF with multiple value options are not being processed properly.
  • Bundle in the workflow is reloaded even though validation errors exist.
  • FAST content listener needs to be updated.
  • Sharepoint publisher threads make the Sharepoint crawler start after no batches are left.
  • Sharepoint connector unable to crawl lists or folders.
  • Include/exclude patterns not working with eRoom.
  • Error count remains after clearing the errors.
  • Aspire user session timeout makes the workflow to freeze.
  • Only advanced properties can be accessed using ${property}.
  • Scroll bar issues with IE11.

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