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This page maintains a list of all of the updates for version 1.2.2 of Aspire.

Version 1.2.2 of Aspire was released on 14/10/2013

Aspire Application Loader

New component copied from 2.0-SNAPSHOT version, used to embed aspire into another application

Confluence Connector

Upgraded Confluence connector to support version 5 of Confluence

Bug fixes

  • Corrected the Documentum connector so the max file size parameter is read as MB as stated (rather than kb)
  • Updated the http group expander to retry if it fails to connect to the expansion processes
  • Fixed an issue with the RDB connector not indexing source name
  • Fixed an issue where special characters in URLs caused the Sharepoint connector to fail
  • Fixed issue with configuration where an edited application could give an error message saying it was already loaded
  • Corrected an issue with the Documentum connector where ACLs used the friendly user name rather that user id
  • Added ability to stop scripts with infinite loops
  • Fixed the Documentum connector so it now returns acls with a prefix
  • Fixed some class loading issues in the Documentum connector
  • Fixed some issues with AutoStart option not being correctly applied
  • Fixed issue with Partial Scan in the Filesystem Scanner
  • Fixed a bug where hierarchies were not indexed for containers
  • Corrected a bug where unhandled errors could prevent a scheduled scan from every being run again
  • Addded a new flag to XML Sub Job Extractor (honorDTD) to prevent errors when a DTD is referenced but not available
  • Upgraded DCTM Connector to use new the ACL mechanism implemented in 1.3
  • Enhanced checking of invalid tabular files where columns contained unmatched quotes
  • Fixed a bug where Aspire LDAP Proxy threw an exception if a group name contained a special character

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