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For Information on Aspire 3.1 Click Here

This page maintains a list of all of the updates for version 1.2.1 of Aspire.

Version 1.2.1 of Aspire was released on 19/06/2013

Additional release notes

Aspire Application

  • Corrected a bug where all error messages sent to osgi were sent with error status
  • Healthchecks now correctly report failed initialisations

Business Rules

  • Fixed a bug where using Chrome to update rules could corrupt them
  • Engine debug console now properly displays running script

Fast Listener

  • Corrected a case where silently dropped documents caused client errors
  • Fast listener now handles collection type attributes, creating Lists in the published document

Post Fast

  • Fixed a bug where exceptions connecting to Fast just "ignored" the batch meaning no callbacks could be returned to external processes
  • Post Fast now handles collection type attributes

Post FS4SP

  • Post FS4SP now handles collection type attributes


  • Sub job errors are now displayed on the FeedOne status page