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For Information on Aspire 3.1 Click Here

This page maintains a list of all of the updates for version 1.1 of Aspire, officially released on December 5, 2012.

Release 1.1 is also composed of all applicable fixes done to 1.0.x versions. Consult the Release Notes for details.

Summary of Changes

  • Java1.7 & Felix 403
  1. Updated aspire to run under Apache Felix 403, meaning that Aspire can now be run under either Java1.6 or Java1.7.
NOTE: Aspire is still built using Java1.6

  • Aspire Object
  1. Added methods for loading and creating from JSON objects (AspireObject.createFromJson, AspireObject.loadJson).
  2. Deprecated constructor from XML reader to favor static method AspireObject.createFromXML.

  • aspire-application
  1. List of available applications on Edit Server screen is now disabled when editing an application.
  2. Fixed issue that caused applications with default names which were saved twice, to change from default name to custom.
  3. Removed glitch that forced the user click twice on "custom name" radio box in order to add a custom name while editing application
  4. Fixed issue that prevented to clean "custom name" input field when editing multiple applications.
  5. Application names can now contain dashes, underscores and/or periods.
  6. Corrected a bug where reloading a failed app bundle could not clear the app bundle cache as the application.xml file had been left open
  7. Removed the and component.path properties as all expansion is done at the application level so these properties always showed application name or path regardless of the component they existed in
  8. Fixed an issue where if a parent job timed out, the completion of a subjob caused a NPE
  9. Fixed an issue that meant that bundles containing applications could not be reloaded, saying instead that the application was already loaded (Via the bundles section of the debug console)
  10. Major refactor of JavaScript code in the Administration User Interface. Changes should allow to use the Admin UI over HTTPs, Proxies and Firewalls + NAT (such as Amazon EC2).
  11. Introduced application categories. When installing an application, there is a category list which will filter the list of available applications. The list of categories can be customized by editing the file available-applications.xml.
  12. Applications that fail to load now turn the Aspire application status to RED.
  13. Routing failures are now logged via the pipeline manager and also recorded in the job result.
  14. You can now use ${escape:propertyName} to insert properties containing \ characters into Strings in Groovy scripts
  15. Improved compatibility with JVM implementations (such as IBM SDK).
  16. Fixed a bug with DXF constants inside of alternative types. After modifying and saving the DXF data, constants would take old values from previous alternative.

  • aspire-arc-reader
  1. Corrected a bug (introduced at 0.5) where content was not attached to the published documents meaning that subsequent stages failed when looking for the content of the documents contained in the arc file

  • aspire-tools
  1. Corrected a bug in feedOne where the link to the pipeline manager in the debug console sometimes gave a 404 error

  • aspire-groovy
  1. Added a "branches" section to the debug console
  2. Updated Groovy to version 2.0.4 (new features and performance improvements, read more here).

  • aspire-filefeeder
  1. Corrected a bug where the configuration still required a <config> tag

  • aspire-hash-table
  1. Corrected a bug where the configuration still required a <config> tag

  • aspire-tag-text
  1. Corrected a bug where the configuration still required a <config> tag

  • aspire-dcm-enterprise
  1. Changed the way Discovery Methods are configured, now it is required to specify the Discovery Manager to use; Static and Broadcast Discovery Methods must use the "default" Discovery Manager.
  2. Added a new Discovery Manager for Amazon EC2
  3. Added a new Discovery Manager for ZooKeeper

  • aspire-post-xml
  1. Fixed bug that caused a Null Pointer Exception when shutting down Aspire. This happened when a post XML stage was configured with a post string instead of XSL.

  • aspire-xml-files
  1. Added auto-detection of XML encoding and configuration option to select encoding.
  2. Added configuration option to decided whether or not clean input XML of unreadable characters.

  • distribution
  1. Suppressed generation of an unwanted jar file that appeared in the bundles\aspire directory