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This page maintains a list of all of the updates for version 1.0.1 of Aspire.
Feature only available with Aspire Enterprise

12/03/2012: Currently this release exists as 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT and is only available to Enterprise Customers.

Additional release notes

  • app-group-expander
  1. Exposed job timeout parameter (see Group Expansion Manager for details).

  • app-http-group-expander
  1. Exposed job timeout parameter (see Group Expansion Manager for details).

  • aspire-application
  1. Removed error which said that aspire-dcm-enterprise could not be found and the warning after it. Now, if you have not configured the application to use Distributed Communications then aspire-dcm-enterprise bundle won't installed; if you have configured DCM settings and no aspire-dcm-enterprise JAR can be found, the application won't start at all.
  2. Fixed a bug when reloading failed applications. If something was wrong in an application being installed, the application name would default to its location. This caused errors while reloading because ASPIRE_HOME could not be formatted or the log folder could not be created.
  3. Fixed a bug that prevented installing applications which used the same input XML file.
  4. Application names can now contain dashes, underscores and/or periods.
  5. Fixed an issue that prevented to edit application properties, when the application was installed from an XML file.
  6. Routing failures are now logged via the pipeline manager and also recorded in the job result.
  7. Various DXF display fixes.

  • aspire-distribution-archetype
  1. Updated installService.bat to include Java VM option "maxPermSpace", set to 128m.

  • aspire-documentum-connector
  1. Supports Content Intelligence properties (ci.jar included in connector)
  2. Allows include and exclude patterns to crawl.
  3. Max file size can be set, default is unlimited.

  • aspire-filesystem-connector
  1. Fixed bug that caused content source include/exclude patterns to be ignored.
  2. Fixed null pointer exception when unauthorized files.
  3. Fixed bug that made the scanner stop with a "URL does not refer to a valid file system path. Please review that it points to an existent directory" error when crawling Linux symbolic links.
  4. Added "Fixed ACLs" option, which allows to specify an Access Control List (ACL) which will be attached to all documents crawled by the connector.

  • aspire-heritrix-connector
  1. Added support for Heritrix's extractorPDF module adding a reference to itext1-3.jar library.
  2. Added contentSize as an output of the aspire-heritrix-connector component.

  • aspire-ldap
  1. Added cache to LDAP Group Expansion component.

  • aspire-post-xml
  1. Fixed issue with postString parameter not being read.

  • aspire-sharepoint-scanner
  1. Fixed NPE errors while fetching content-encoding headers.
  2. Fixed error "cannot fetch acls for site" while running with standard web services.
  3. Fixed bug that prevented setting SharePoint content source names with special characters.

  • aspire-snapshot
  1. Supports filtering of URLs using regular expressions.