Backup Failover

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For Information on Aspire 3.1 Click Here

Here are some examples of architectures that provide Backup and failover for solutions including Aspire.

Cloud-based example with SolrCloud

In order to provide redundancy and High Availability for staging and production environments we replicated the Aspire servers within the cloud service for ingestion, used SolrCloud for search and configured the load balancers.

Having at least 2 servers providing the same functionality under the same cloud service and availability set can ensure that the VMs are always running on physical servers in different racks. The cloud provider should ensure that any planned maintenance and outage will never affect all racks the solution is on at the same time.

In this architecture we have a load balancer in front of the Aspire servers and configured with the cloud service end point to load balance any ingestion requests. We also have internal load balancers between ingestion and the search layer (SolrCLoud Cluster) and an external load balancer to load balance any query requests - See diagram below. This architecture with load balancers have been tested in many scenarios and some pre-performance testing was also performed with good results to load balance the ingestion during bulk loads.