Aspire Migration (Aspire 2)

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For Information on Aspire 3.1 Click Here


This page describes the required steps to migrate your Aspire 1.x installation (including content sources) into Aspire 2.0 using the Migration tool application.

Supported 1.x versions

The following are the Aspire supported versions that can be migrated from using this guide:

  • Aspire 1.0
  • Aspire 1.1
  • Aspire 1.2
  • Aspire 1.2.1
  • Aspire 1.2.2
  • Aspire 1.3
  • Aspire 1.3.x

Versions older than 1.x will be able to be migrated only through Search Technologies professional services.


In order to migrate from 1.x version of Aspire you will need to:

  • Have installed a CSManager
  • Have at least one content source to migrate

What is going to be migrated?

In Aspire 1.X a content source consists of a connector and its configuration plus a routing table configuration, which are references to loaded applications (which also have configurations).

The Aspire 2.0 Migration Tool gets the connector properties from the CSManager database, and converts the routing table into a workflow, turning the applications into applications rules in a shared workflow library in Aspire 2.0. More details about the workflow functionality in Workflow.

The app-scripting applications (available from 1.1 and up) are transformed into custom workflow groovy rules.

Migration Tool Installation

  1. Open the Server Management administration page of the Aspire server you want to migrate from, in a web browser (http://localhost:50505)
  2. Click on the server address(localhost:50505)
    Server Management Migration Tool.png
    1. Click on the Add Application option in the pop up
    2. Select the Custom option in the Category drop-down
  3. Enter the following path in the textbox:
    • For Aspire 1.0
    • For Aspire 1.1 and up
      Install Migration Tool.png
  4. In the Properties section:
    1. Select the CSManager application in the drop-down
    2. If your CSManager use an external RDB, check the Use External RDB checkbox and configure the RDB options.
    3. Enter the new version to migrate to in the New application version textbox. Default is 2.0.
    4. (Optional) if you know about dxf changes from the current version to the new 2.x version, configure the replacements file for it.

For example: if a dxf field named indexFolders has been changed to indexContainers in 2.x. Create a text file with the following:

# old field : new field

No spaces are allowed next to the “:” (colon) Then in the Dxf Replacements File option enter the path to that file. By default if no file is specified then a default file will be used replacing indexFolders with indexContainers, and scanSubFolders with scanRecursively.

  • Finally Add the application
Configure Migration Tool Properties.png

Migration Process

Once you have installed the Aspire 2.0 Migration Tool, you will be able to see a new Navigation link in the Aspire System Administration section called 2.0 Migration Tool.

Migration Menu.png

To migrate the configured content sources:

  1. Click on the 2.0 Migration Tool link from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click on the Start Migration button
    Migration Section.png
  3. The migrated content sources will be saved into the {aspire-distribution-folder}/config directory. Two folders will be created: content-sources and workflow-libraries, we will need them later.
    Migrated Content Sources.png
  4. Follow steps in Download Install (Aspire 2) to install Aspire 2.0 (If you are installing Aspire 2.0 in the same server of the 1.X Aspire distribution you are migrating from, make sure you shutdown the previous Aspire distribution before starting Aspire 2.0)
  5. Start Aspire 2.0 by running:
    Then wait a few minutes until Aspire is loaded and open http://localhost:50505 in a browser. See browser compatibility here
    2.0 UI.png
  6. Copy the content-sources and workflow-libraries folders created earlier to the new {Aspire 2.0 distribution folder}/config folder.
  7. Refresh the browser UI, and you will see the content sources being loaded. It will last for a few moments while all the components are downloaded.

Common issues

Missing elements in configuration

Some times when migrating an application to a newest version, the newest version have some new required fields that the old version didn't have. So when you try to load the migrated content source to an 2.X Aspire version, the connector or any workflow application may not load and throw an error.

In that case you would need to review the newest documentation version for that application, and add any missing element to the workflow.xml (if it is a workflow application like publishers), or in the connector.xml and content-source.xml files (if it is a connector).