Aspire Community (Aspire 2)

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For Information on Aspire 3.1 Click Here

Aspire Community

Aspire Community is free to download for all registered Aspire users. Intended primarily for developers, Aspire Community includes the framework for building or developing your own Aspire components or applications. It includes:

  • Most Aspire components (for a complete list of all available components, see the Aspire Component Library; Community contains all of these except those noted as "Enterprise")
  • Pre-built connectors for extracting data from local file systems and/or relational databases
  • File system connector does not support document level security. Document level file system crawler bundled with Aspire Enterprise
  • Database connector (RDB) does not support incremental crawl snapshots, however incremental crawling can be accomplished through use of SQL if there are table entries with change data.
  • Workflow with Groovy rules or stages, which allows to create custom processing scripts on the fly.
  • Search engine publisher applications for Solr, the Google Search Appliance (GSA), and the Amazon CloudSearch engine, for sending the extracted data to a search engine for indexing

With the Community version of Aspire, developers can download and test out Aspire, see how individual components are coded, and get a feel for how the overall Aspire pipeline processing structure works. Creating applications (by configuring pipelines and existing components) and programming new components are described here and here.

Aspire Community differs from Aspire Enterprise in that it does not include some of the premium features of Enterprise, such as document level security, distributed processing, and most of the premium application bundles for connectors. Enterprise (described here) is intended more for production-quality, enterprise level deployments of Aspire for content acquisition, document processing, and query processing.

Aspire Community also does not include formal maintenance and support. However, questions and/or feedback are welcomed and appreciated via email. We plan to establish a Developers Forum in the future.