Aspire Applications (Aspire 2)

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For Information on Aspire 3.1 Click Here

Introduction to Aspire Applications

An introduction to Aspire applications, including the Pipeline Manager, the concept of job hierarchy, Feeders, Scanners, and the Scheduler, pipeline stages, and Services components
This basic tutorial gets you started with Aspire in 20 minutes or less

Application Configuration (application.xml)

Detailed information on the application.xml file and the Aspire components (and their configurations) specified within
Detailed information on the Pipeline Manager, including key concepts, configuration information, and instructions for using the Pipeline Manager to perform health checks on Aspire
Detailed information on the Branch Handler, including branching, configuration information, how to branch a current job, job batching, and remote branching
A description of a batch job and how to configure it
Information on naming conventions for Aspire components, plus the methods for referencing them and the implications of each method

Using The Maven Distribution Archetype

Detailed information on the Maven Distribution Archetype and its use in Aspire, including prerequisites and steps for running the Aspire Distribution Archetype and the distribution project, modifying the distribution, and creating new distribution profiles
Build an Aspire distribution from scratch using the Aspire Maven Distribution archetype

Application and Configuration Topics

The following are in-depth topics for anyone developing applications with Aspire.

Component Library

A list of all pre-built Java components that can be configured and combined to create new Aspire applications
These include Feeders & Scanners, Sub Job Extractors, Standard Pipeline Stages, Security Related Stages, Components as Independent Services, and Debugging Stages.