Administration User Interface

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For Information on Aspire 3.1 Click Here

Aspire can be managed through a web-based, point-and-click System Administration user interface that requires no programming knowledge to run. The interface is basically self-documenting, so this is a discussion of what you can do in the interface.

Depending on your environment, you may wish to have a single Aspire system administrator, or you may wish to have several, each of whom has responsibilities for different content sources.

To access the System Admin user interface, launch Aspire (using bin\startup.bat--see Launching Aspire if you need help), then type the following URL into your browser:


Aspire Main Admin Page

Note: If you changed the Port ID # during installation, substitute that port number for “50505”.

You should see a page that looks like the one at right.

The System Admin UI has two main functions:

  1. Server administration
  2. Content Source administration

Tasks that are part of Server administration include:

  • Installing and registering any new Aspire servers
  • Managing the settings (server names, port addresses, what to launch on startup, etc.)
  • Installing any Aspire applications you wish to use
  • Managing security
  • Monitoring system health and performance via the Debug Console and system logs

Tasks that are part of Content Source administration include:

  • Configuring properties for the content repository (connection info, crawling parameters, etc.)
  • Setting up crawling schedules for repositories
  • Managing full and incremental crawls
  • Monitoring crawl statistics and performance

Each of these topics is discussed in more detail in the Administration pages. For more information, please refer to Managing Servers, Installing Applications, and Managing Content Sources.