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For Information on Aspire 3.1 Click Here


All Aspire users must register in order to download the software. Registration is quick and easy, and can be done here

Registration simply requires you to establish a login and password. Once registration is complete, you can download Aspire Community (for free), or Aspire Enterprise if you have purchased a subscription. If you are interested in purchasing a subscription contact Search Technologies.

Once you have downloaded the software, it is recommended that you go through the step-by-step tutorials that are available here:

Aspire Quick Start
A quick way to download pre-packaged Aspire applications and to see how they work.

Quick Start Tutorial for Creating Applications
A more in-depth look at how you might create your own Aspire applications.

Aspire Quick Start with Distribution Archetype
How to build an Aspire distribution from scratch--which you will want to do if using Aspire in a production environment going forward.

You may want to take all three tutorials as you explore how you want to use Aspire.

In addition to the Quick Start tutorials, there is also a tutorial for each type of data connector you might wish to install. Those tutorials can be found here, under the Aspire Applications Library.